October 29, 2006

Happy Birthday LiLy!

She's a soft spoken, sweet and sensitive Malaysian girl who swept me off my feet with her charm and sincerity a year a go when we first met through many other Malaysian gatherings of all sorts; from friends...birthdays...parties...events...etc. Unlike me; who's a load of crap most of the time, she doesn't usually have too much to say, but that beautiful smile never fails to top any conversation off with a cherry! Her kind and thoughtful mannerisms make her so pleasant to be around.Her 21st birthday party was held at Centennial Park last Saturday, which I had the honour of catering *grin*
We got there a little late with the food but there were pork ribs and roast chicken to keep everyone happy while we painfully transported the goodies in and out of Jo's car. Fortunately, we didn't leave a mess on the seats; but our shirts were a little stained from the cream and several cupcakes were sacrificed along the way! *laughs* I blame the strong wind...the weather was beautiful for a picnic, but the gale force winds were extremely unkind. We had a little trouble getting the trays to stay put and balancing the cakes as we walked up to the picnic bracing wind forces.The birthday girl was impressed with what I've done with her cake as she only expected an ordinary flat round cake. I said to her in advance that I couldn't come up with anything fancy or extravagant for a layered black forest cake. The matching cupcakes were cute too. A Malaysian girl's birthday party wouldn't be the same without Malaysian "kuih" delicacies; and so I came up with a tier of pretty sweet potato onde-onde cups bursting with rich gula melaka.I'm glad everyone enjoyed the food and the birthday girl was delighted at what I've done with the food presentation. I wish I could have stayed longer, but I had to run off early for cake deliveries to make. I'll probably give Lily a call tonight to see how the whole party turned out.
Here's a picture of my "trial" cake. I made it a week in advance to see if it would work out right.


Brilynn said...

Your friends are lucky to have someone like you, your cakes are all amazing!

Lex said...

Does the frostings melt? The last time I tried, it turned out too liquidy, how to make it solid... err... something like yours? hehe What's the frosting on the cupcake?

ashieBee said...


i was wondering, in what baking pan did u use until the cake turned out round? hmmm...heehehe! sorry, im still new in this baking thingy ;)

hugs, ash!

laureen said...

That cake is gorgeous! How did you manage to pipe it all the way down to the base?

Great job, Su-Yin!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

brilynn: thanks! Haha

lex: frosting was whipped cream. the cool day kept the cream in tack. I usually add gelatin to whipped forstings to keep them upright. *thanks to tips from Eric:'the muffin man'* hehe...

ashiebee: hmmm I used a Wilton ball pan. It cost me a fortune but considering the amount of cake sales I do and the round shapes i often do; it's worth the money

thecoffeesnob: I tilted the cake board on an elevated surface, got down on my knees in the kitchen mat and had my arm and eyes aligned with the 30degree angle from the base of the cake stand. Hahahah...lets just say it was painful..but worth the trouble ;) haha

Anonymous said...

Hello again Su-Yin,

Could I also ask how many inches is the diameter of the ball pan that you used? I'm planning on getting a 6" one hence wondering if a recipe for 8" cake would make a perfect sphere.

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su-Yin,
I'm attempting to make a basketball cake for a friend's birthday but wasn't too sure if a recipe for a standard 8" cake would be appropriate for the ball pan? How much cake mixture do I need exactly to get a perfect 'northern hemisphere' and 'southern hemisphere' so I can then frost them together to make a perfect sphere?
Thank you very much for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon.