October 31, 2006

Congratulations Kylie and Dave.

It has almost been a full year or more since I've last met Kylie and I was ecstatic when I got to give her a big long-overdue hug last Saturday. We were housemates in 2004 and she was my first perception of the local Australian community; and I was of course, very impressed.I spared a couple of hours in my busy Saturday schedule to make Kylie and Dave an engagement present (a cake....so typical of me) and it was worth every drop of sweat and frustration trying to get practice with my royal icing piping work. I haven't had many opportunities to work with "wedding"-ish cakes ...and I thought this was perfect timing! The cake turned out really pretty...I would say it's a good attempt for my first go with full royal icing details. I had many more ideas and expectations for it....but lets just say; some did not survive. *laughs* Here's a very thoughtful email I received when I got home that weekend.
I still think of Kylie often when I walk by my old place, memories of the many days we've spent sitting in our massive kitchen chatting and cooking together. At that time, I was merely beginning to nuture my love for working in the kitchen and we didn't have many utensils or bakeware to be creative with. I'll never forget the nights we sat on the kitchen floor taking turns to beat eggwhites with a balloon whisk in a large ice-cream bowl trying hard to get it stiff and glossy! *my arm and wrist weren't as strong at that time* hehe. The kitchen is probably where I reminiscence about Kylie the most. I miss the days of making inedible concoctions and the many times she would encourage me, laugh with me and convince me that it's worth another try. I'll never forget the warm and generous disposition towards everyone around her.
I'm not a person of strong religious faith; but she was....and despite our differences, I never once felt her trying to pressure me into ideas I wasn't ready to accept. She was subtle in her persuasions and displayed to me what Religion meant through her consistent perfect personality, mental strength and in her daily actions/decisions. I was in awe of her way of life....and I respected how she never once looked at me differently because I was not Christian.
I miss hanging out with Kylie; laughing at each others domestic disasters, doing strange Gym moves in the kitchen together and spending time educating each other with experiences we've had. Kylie helped me mature when I first began my independent life here in Australia and I probably would not have made it through so well without having had her in my life.
Thanks Kylie...for the many thoughtful notes and gestures, for sharing your life with me, for the meaningful insights into what you feel passion for, for being understanding and tolerant with this little brat of a housemate and most of all; for always being there when I needed to feel like someone cared. *sigh* I miss you Kylie....I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and Dave all the best in your many happily-married days together! We should catch up on a warm cup of coffee soon when I return from my trip to Malaysia! I can't wait to hear about what you've been up to the last 2 years!
Su Yin
(p.s: Artem sends his best wishes and congratulations all the way from Canada!)


Aunty Yochana said...

Dear Suyin,

You're so thoughtful...spending so much time making a lovely wonderful cake for your friend.

Aunty Yochana

Ivy said...

How incredibly pretty and creative! And the cake looks yums!

Brilynn said...

If this is your first attempt with royal icing, you truly are amazing!

dangkin said...

hello su-yin..

i've been checking your site for a while now and i feel like you never sleeps... what a dedicated chef you are! ;)

btw, the cake looks soooo goood!


Unknown said...

you are really creative

btw, can you teach me how you post the pics on your blog because mine seems to follow a very standardised way...

Robyn said...

Aww that's really sweet. You did a fantastic job with the cake. :)

nomnomfish said...

u make me wanna get married ahahahahahah

*ahem* :P

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm a big fan of your blog :)

And the cake is super gorgeous. You should really start a business business, it'll be a hit!