September 13, 2006

Its finally my turn....

I officially spent my first 24 hours of being 21.....
I remember having a habit of nick-naming those turning 21 -"oldy-moldy", but I guess now that applies to me too huh? *laughs* On my 19th birthday, my wish; as I blew out the candles was "To be 19 FOREVER" Haha. With the age, comes the "Key" which represents "freedom". "Freedom" sounds like a great thing to have...but they really never talk about how it also means you are expected to be fully responsible for your actions when you are declared "free"! I thought I would be pretty upset on the 12th of September 2006 when I turned "oldy-moldy" myself, but I was wrong. I had a full day to trace back the 21 years of my life...and decided there's much to cherish, remember and be proud of.
I usually dedicate a birthday "post" to friends of mine on their birthdays; but on this post of MY own special day, my dedication goes out to All the wonderful and "*&^#@$*^" people that I've associated with throughout my 21 years. Laughter and cheer has filled my days with unforgettable memories, "Unwanted-happenings" have taught me about life and sad days from hurtful people and mean remarks have made me stronger. When I was 15, young and naive; a wise friend scribbled on my "white-board" as I was almost in tears; "What doesn't break you; will only make you stronger" I still live life with that in mind; and I feel it's brought me to my many adventures in the things I yearned and success in the things I love; without ever feeling I have failed in any way. It was never a failure; it was an "attempt" *grin*
Thanks so much;
  • Pa,Ma and Jie ..for being the center and foundation of my life and molding me into the person that I am today.
  • Grandpa...for the love and the "spoiling"...for the songs you've sung to us and the lessons you've taught us
  • Aunties and Uncles....for the guidance, encouragement and thoughtfulness
  • Cousins: For the many "baby-sitting" days you've slogged thru, and the times we've played together.
  • Gloria: for being a more than a guardian
  • Teachers from school and college: for the knowledge and discipline.
  • Schoolmates and peers : for giving me the competition to fight for the best.
  • Old Friends: Who I treasure and respect. We've went separate paths in our lives but our friendship will always have a special spot in my heart.
  • New Friends: For brightening my days here in Sydney and discovering more about life together.
  • "Special" Friends and Peers: For holding my hand thru the many ups and downs of life. It was nice to have people to depend on and share my thoughts with. It may not have been perfect...but it was an experience nonetheless.
  • Housemates: For taking my constant crap and letting me be your "mommy" :P Hehe.
  • *&$#)$#: for teaching me lessons first hand - on how to look out for *&#$*#@_)'s like you!
  • Virtual buddies: For making my online-gaming life complete
  • Gym buddies: For looking so good when you sweat! ;)
  • Acquaintances: for filling my life with colour and diversity.
I doubt I missed anyone who wouldn't fit this bill. Haha It's been many years...I was tempted to have everyone's name in a longgg longgg list; but I decided it would take at least 5 hours to type up. Haha I wish I could...I'm just too lazy; you-know-me ;).Well guys...I got to run; I'm having a LONnng week...I took a break on my birthday to get out of the house and my Kitchen. Slacking off wasn't too good an idea; considering the amount of catching up I have to do now.
What did I do for my birthday?
I was greeted by a lovely rainbow outside my window early that morning, jumped into comfy clothes, went shopping and ate an enjoyable lunch; despite how the food was "disgusting-ly inedible"! Haha.It's great being 21...can't wait to face the world and it's many challenges with my new found "freedom"!

p.s: thanks EVERYone who sent thoughtful messages, sms-es, flowers, cards and phonecalls. It meant alot to know that you remembered. I know I'm an idiot when it comes to dates and birthdays...and I'm glad you didn't hold that grudge when I let your special day slip past. Despite my bad memory and lousy efforts to keep in touch; I'm glad you made an feels nice to be on your mind. Lots of Hugs and Kisses;
Su Yin.

**For those expecting a food related post....don't get your panties in a knot; It's coming up tommorow *wink*


babe_kl said...

ohhh so it's today huh? happy 21st birthday su yin!!! wish you more happiness to come.

Nali said...

Hey Su-yin,

You've definately brought a lot to the people around you so I'm glad you had the chance to reminisce and enjoy your b'day! Best wishes, again!
Nali xxx

Ellena Mummy said...

Happy Belated Birthday Suyin... May all your wishes cames TURE and stay YOUNG forever.... keep all the good post coming.... take care... :)

jiahui said...

hmm..i thought you mentioned your bday was on the 13th? Or did i remember wrongly?
Whatever the case, happy 21st!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you SuYin. may the coming years bring you more joy, happiness and good friends. - pingmouse

chocolatesuze said...

dude a very happy 21st to you! hope you had a smashing bday filled with plenty of cake!

nadiairyani said...

Happy Sweet 21 Su-yin ^_^!!!! Stay hot yeah *winkwink* ^_~

jenjen said...

Happy Birthday!
By the looks of you, you are definitely no oldy-mouldy!

Have an awesome birthday : )

Nahuatl said...

Belated Happy B-Day!!

You look fantastic! :)

starcrossedangel said...

haaaaappy bdaaaaayy love ya lots :)

Jacelyn said...

A very happy birthday to you!! May your life journey ahead be full of joy and more wonderful baking cum cooking adventures to come. Hee~ Stay pretty, Su!

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Happy Birthday! Here's to an even bigger year filled with tasty treats and cooking adventures.

ps. Did you have lunch at Ichibanboshi at Galeries Victoria? Or do I just stare too much at photo backgrounds?

Su-Yin said...

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! It's really nice to know there are people wishing me well...LOL was galleries victoria..but not ichibanboshi...I didn't exactly intend to mention where I was..*laughs* I feel bad if I ruin people's perception of the restaurant I was at...I'm no pro with tasting good quality japanese food, I wouldnt dare judge it with a statement that it SUCKS...haha.

hobart said...

i'm the latest to send you a belated birthday greeting haha...but nevertheless , happy belated birthday su-yin hope you had a good 21st (i'm certain you did). have another rainbow on me (ignore the bad photostitching) :

for more years of unforgettable people , memories and of course , food :P

Su-Yin said...

thanks was really pretty :)

CeXiCeX said...

so the has finally came where now ur finally 21 like those people u baked all the cakes for..yay~~~~
and i think u accomplished one of ur goals aredi...that is to look fit.... those gym classes must be really working keep low on cakes now..hehe.... 2 months to summer...woohooo~~

Anonymous said...

Hey Suyin, just got to realise you just celebrated your 21st bday, :>, happy belated 21st Bday! May all your future endeavours be of immense success and shall your cooking passion be filled with a new level of passion and excitement. Thanks for accepting my cake order. Thanks Heaps.--Daniel

neemo said...

i know this is very very late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i love you, you hot little chic you!!!