August 11, 2006

Pie Toppers

1 pie filling...4 different hats
I was feeling in the mood for a little bit of everything today. I made a couple of different variations to a mince meat pie I made for dinner.
Puff Pastry
To make: Simple, quick and painless. I used a sheet of ready rolled puff pastry and pressed it down to seal the edges.
Verdict: predictable, boring and uninteresting. Delicious, buttery and flakey...but *shrug* it's a the ones we commonly have.

Melted Mozzarella
To make: Sprinkle on grated cheese, dash of seasalt and fresh oregano.
Verdict: Went really well with the minced meat. But was sorta like a lasagne. Actually, come to think of it, it WAS a lasagne! haha..oh well, lasag-pie in my books today! hehe ;)

shepherds Pie
To make: Topped with with a layer of mashed potatoes, sprinkle of dried Italian herbs and popped it under the grill.
Verdict: Probably my favorite. It went well with the mince meat and the brown tops we a lil crisp and soft in the centers.

Double cheese pie topper

To make: 1/2 cup ricotta + 1/4 cup grated mozzarella + 1 tsp seasalt + 1 sprig oregano chopped+2 eggs+ freshly cracked black pepper. Beat all ingredients till well combined. Pour onto pie filling and sprinkle a handful of breadcrumbs on top. Bake in the oven till brown and crisp.
Verdict: This one is somewhat a "new" combination for me. I loved how it tasted but wasn't exactly happy with the way it looked. Was on the sweet side but I guess a combination worth trying on rich and savory pie fillings.

* An update on our "Happy Home's" daily eating habits.
Starting off officially on Monday morning, My housemates and I (Amrit, Pinky and Me) Will be on a 5 day crash diet of healthy fresh fruits and vegetables resulting from too many days of butter, sugar and starch. Our chocolate and cupcake eating days will soon be over *looks at watch* hmm..i have about less than 24 hours to go! haha. We shall be commencing our very wellplanned and organized diet after a good feast at our favorite Malaysian place for lunch on Sunday. So baking or making pretty sweet delights would be absolutely out of the question....until I find a way to bake without flour, sugar or butter! haha. I really hope I don't get withdrawal symptoms from not being able to eat cake! *laughs* oh well...wish us luck on our journey of suffering. I hope I make it without slipping till friday; I guess losing that tummy before squeezing into my swimmers on the weekend would be good encouragement to stick to the fruits and greens. I shall be updating everyone on our healthy eating throughout the week. With a strict eating plan set up by yours truly ;) posted early Monday morning. So feel free to join us or support us through our "eat fresh-low carb-no grease" diet.


Lex said...

Oh Good luck with it! It can make u feel really good once you're getting on it! All healthy and fresh! At the begining it's a bit hard lah but you'll get a hang on of it! Trust me, been there done that! ahaha

Lyn said...

I'm with you on ur healthy diet!! I have been on a very unhealthy diet for the past week too, haha ie, just finished a tub of icecream for dessert!!!

Su-Yin said...

haha thanks guys :)
I'll have our daily "what-to-eat" list up. We will also probably be having a round up on how we feel at the end of our week.