August 13, 2006

Cupcakes with an Indian flair

Growing up in Malaysia has given me many opportunities to explore cultures beyond my own and I embraced the company of many kiddy friends in school which were of different skin tones and religion. Having mostly Indian and Punjabi friends through highschool taught me a lot about their colorful ways of music, dance and art. A generous Indian family who lived next door shared their wonderful festival goodies and often invited our family over for a feast of traditional Indian delicacies!
Many close friends of mine have commented on how deep down inside; I am a half Indian; despite the fact that I have CHINESE stamped on all my facial features! Haha. It may be the way I love Indian food and enjoy Bollywood movies, the Indian dances I have done and probably the bigger than usual posterior I'm trying so hard to lose at the gym! *laughs* they've probably never seen a butt as big as mine on an oriental girl before!
Here's my entry for this months From My Rasoi's Indian dessert challenge. There were suggestions on combining curry and chocolate; but I decided to play it a little safe and not be too adventurous with the flavours! I personally love Indian cuisine just the way it is! Rich, strong and aromatic...MMmmm...there's no need for fusion, we need to get more of the good ol' Indian flavors! *wink*
Fennel and cinnamon Cupcakes topped with Cream cheese frosting.
230g butter, softened
230g castor sugar
230g self-raising flour
4 large eggs
2 tsp fennel seeds
1 tsp ground cinnamon
Cream sugar and butter until pale and well combined. Beat in other ingredients. Spoon into cupcake cases and bake in 180 degree preheated oven for 20-25 minutes till light brown and cooked through. Remove cupcakes and cool on a wire rack.
250g cream cheese
3/4 cup sifted icing sugar
1 tbsp milk
Beat ingredients till fluffy and creamy. I coloured a little frosting in pink to make fluffy pink cloud-like icing and sprinkled the top with fennel and a couple of cardamon pods. One was done with blue and silver dragees and a couple other ones were left plain with an extra dust of cinnamon on top.

The fennel seeds gave a faint licorice flavor to the cupcakes. It was an interesting and exotic combination. I loved how it got a couple of my taste testers delighted and confused at the strange flavorful seeds popping up in the center. Probably not a cupcake flavor they've ever had. My Indian housemates were curious to know what I was doing with fennel seeds in a dessert!*Note: To Mallini from KL who sent me an email a couple of days ago; Haha I "unintentionally"*blush* lost your email address in the middle of typing up a reply! So sorry bout that, but thanks so much for dropping a message; and I study Building Construction Management at uni.


Helen said...

These sound so intriguing.

I do like your decoration with the blue and silver dragees. It looks like you painstakingly created that design with utmost care and precision (I'm sure you did!).

Su-Yin said...

guilty as charged...thats y, there was only 1! *giggle*
LOL I used an eyebrow tweezer! haaha...didn't take me as long as I thought it would though.

xenia said...

Hi Suyin
In Brazil we have a cake that is very popular made with cornmeal (semolina). We add a tablespoon of fennel to the batter before baking... it gives a yummy taste to it... specially with you eat with black coffee... I do have a photo of one I did 2 weeks ago... Maybe I should post it in my blog.
How are you doing with your crach diet this monday morning? Hope all the best and success!

Su-Yin said...

hey xenia! so lovely to hear from you!
I didn;t think brazillians used fennel seeds in desserts too! Wow! I guess you learn something new everyday LOL.
The diet is moving along, i was just typing up an entry on it this morning :)

xenia said...

What a wonderful and quick replay... I thought that I was the only one thinking about food right in the morning...
Suyin... go to my blog and you will see the cake. I just posted it there.
Have a lovely day... Big hug!