August 1, 2006

I Miss the Malaysian Hawkers

Back in air "restaurants"@ hawker stalls spill out onto the streets till past midnight, Where skillful hawkers clang away with their woks above roaring flames as hungry foodies await their midnight snacks under the stars. I'm not implying that hawker stalls aren't open in the afternoon when stars can't be seen, but I just miss being able to spontaneously get out of the house in search of delicious food at anytime of the day. Here in Sydney, most restaurants close at 9.30pm and shops close at 5! Well...several shops in Chinatown might still be open, and I know a couple of 24 hour restaurants in the city; but it just isn't the same! *sigh* I miss the mindless chatter, loud shouts from waiters communicating orders, the uncomfortable stools and the absolutely sensational hawker dishes! It isn't exactly "fine-dine" but those who love to eat will definitely appreciate hawker stalls for their superb food!-don't quote me on this! haha (Disclaimer: some hawkers are "not-as-good" as the others - but better than any "Malaysian" store I had in Sydney nonetheless)
Here's something I made from memory to help satisfy my cravings for my 2nd favourite Hawker delicacy; Char Kuey Tiaw. *my favourite will always be Ramli Burgers....despite hearing stories from everyone about what goes into the meat patties, I think they are still the best :P*
It was pretty similar, but I'm still in the process of deriving the perfect recipe.
2 packs instant flat rice noodles- prepare as directed on the packet (Try the fresh ones in the cold section. The dry varieties lack a silky texture)
1 medium pack bean sprouts
2 large garlic cloves chopped
1 chunk breast meat marinated in salt+ soy sauce for 30 minutes and diced
2 stalks coriander leaves minced
3 stalks shallots
2 large red chillies
1 handful dried prawns soaked in warm water and drained
2 tbsps sambal (omit if you don't want it too spicy)
3 tbsp kecap manis
2 tbsp light soysauce
3 tbsp sesame oil
2 cups chicken stock
Heat sesame oil in a large wok and add in the garlic, chillies, chicken, dried prawns, coriander, shallots and fry till fragrant. When the meat is almost cooked, add in the sauces and toss well for 1 -2 minutes. Add the cooked noodles, beansprouts and the chicken stock. Fry till moisture is absorbed. and noodles are glazed in sauces. Sprinkle salt and pepper to taste and dish out! Garnish with a couple sprigs of shallots/coriander.


Cheryl said...

Suyin, can fully understand your cravings for hawker fare ! Btw...i think char kuey tiao is more HEAVENly....not to mention more sinful...if u can add in the 'ju you zhar'...hee, me sure u know wat I am referring to! :)

Su-Yin said...

"ju you zhar"= Deep fried pig fat!!!! ARGH* Heart burn in a cube! LOL..its SINFUL! Although I know how great it tastes in char kuey tiaw. I couldnt possibly cook it myself at home *shiver* haha

Audrey Cooks said...

Looks delicious! just missing the prawns and half cooked cockles, then the drool comes! Love the Ramli Burger too. I can't remember how many I had when I was pregnant:D

lilsmurfysmurf said...

reading all these fav malaysian food of mine does not help me with my pregnancy craving at all :(
btw su-yin is it easy for you to find asian ingredients in Sydney? i am living in gibraltar and find it extremely difficult to find the relevant ingredients for my malaysian food. any website you know that enable me to buy this food from will be great.... :)

TS said...


Anonymous said...

you need to char fry the kueh tiao before you cook the rest of the ingredients, heat oil fry the noodles and add some dark soy sauce and caramelized soy sauce(about a teaspoon each)and fry for a minute or two.. this gives the kueh tiao those nice crispy bits. remove the noodles, cook the rest of your ingredients and add the noodles at the end