July 23, 2006

Cooking with fellow food blogger

Swee San -> Link
It was a fairly busy night for me yesterday; as I tried hard to juggle entertaining my guests, making dinner and baking tarts all in a couple of hours. But with the help of fellow food blogger; Swee, all went well in the kitchen. I suggested a small dinner get-together as Swee had some leftover shortcrust pasrty from her passiterie course at cooking school. She didn't have tart/ pie dishes at home and wondered if I wanted some....I exclaimed; Sure why Not!
For dinner; I made "a non-deepfried" version of Chicken Kiev with roast vegetables and mash potatoes. I made the mash potatoes in the afternoon and marinated the chicken a couple of hours before with some salt and lemon thyme.
Contrary to popular believe; "Chicken Kiev" isn't of Russian/Ukrainian origin but actually of French cuisine. Here's more from Wikepedia
This famous method of preparing chicken or pheasant is not of Ukrainian origin as the name Kiev, the national capital, would imply. It was invented by the Frenchman, Nicolas François Appert (1749-1841), brewer, pickler, confectioner, and chef who discovered the principles of canning and preserving of food. Empress Elizabeth Petrovna (1741–1762) of Russia preferred French foods and fashions, and by the late 18th century wealthy Russian households were hiring French chefs, or sending their cooks to train in France. Because of this, French dishes were widely imitated.
6 chicken thigh pieces marinated in salt + herb of choice ( I suggest tarragon/thyme)
Handful of mozzarella
6 round boccocini cheese pieces
6 (1cm) cubes of cold unsalted butter
1 sprig oregano diced fine
1 cup breadcrumbs
1 large pinch of sea salt
Mix breadcrumbs, sea salt and oregano in a bowl and set aside. Open up the chicken thigh fillets and places cheeses and butter in the center. Roll up the pieces of meat to form a "sausage" with the cheeses enclosed in the center. Secure the opening with one hand and dunk the meat into the bowl of breadcrumbs and turn to coat. Place open side down onto a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and grill in 190 degree oven for approximately 30-40 minutes. ( add in your vegetables into the pan as well). Reserve the liquids for a sauce if you like. Mine went well without it; so I didn't really botherAfter dinner; we had a short tart making session with the pastry swee had brought over. We decided on a large chocolate pie (still in the fridge) and a couple of smaller strawberry and lychee tartlets.
I had a small ball of pastry left and decided to use my muffin tray to make as many messy blueberry tarts I could instead of wasting it. It turned out yum as well! Didn't look too good straight out of the oven, but I gave them a good "makeover" with some cream and strawberry wings...TAadAH!! pretty ButterFlieS!Our friend Ling couldn't stop pigging out on the whipped cream...


evan said...

hi suyin, thx for dropping by =) i checked out some of your archives and i love most of the food you made! so i'm gonna try out your recipes some time soon :p you're one talented baker!

by the way, do you mind if i link you up?

Su-Yin said...

oh sure! haha...i wouldnt mind :)

Suyin Lim said...

Hey Suyin!

Believe it or not, but you are the first other Suyin I've ever known!! How did you end up getting your name?

My grandma admired Han Suyin, the author and my parents named me after her! Were you the same?

My blog was for my friends and family while I was away on university exchange in Singapore. I actually live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I don't write on my blog anymore...but I just ended up checking my blog for random comments and I just read yours!

Take care, and glad to know there are other Suyins in this world!

Lex said...

lol.... sooo much food.. woman, you must have a lot of time in ur hand or u have that natural talent! I envy u for living so far from Msia lol... and yesh, the search for ricotta cheese is still not avail :(

Su-Yin said...

Su Yin Lim: HEY!! Glad to hear from you. I've been going thru your archives to read about your travels. I love your writing and your photographs!
There are actually many MANy Su Yin's in the world! Haha...most of them Chinese; Malaysian ( to be exact)...I've spoken to a couple of my friends from China and HongKong and they find my name very rare as well. Many Chinese girls in Malaysia share our first name. Try google-ing it! You'll be amazed! haha

Lex: Not much time...but make lots of effort! Haha...if you break down your 24 hours and minus the hours you sleep...you'll probably be surprised at how much time human beings actually sit down doing nothing! LOL. I'm pretty active; a very "morNing" person and I love to cook...more than anything in the world! So that's probably why I make the time to satisfy my urge to cook daily :).
Good luck with your cheese hunting. Why don't you try a gourmet food store in KL....you'll probably find one on google or the yellow pages.

rokh said...

hi there suyin, just found a malaysian cooking abroad and i see that you met swee san! how wonderful world of blogging can be. do meet up with me when you guys are back in malaysia! i would be linking you up if you don't mind

Su-Yin said...

hey rokh! I would love to :)
thanks for the link as well