July 2, 2006

Dinner Party - 3/7/2006

A couple of minutes ago, I had a read of my last "White-Russian Cheesecake" post and was shocked to spot my many spelling+grammatical errors!! *blush* I was typing it at weee hours of the morning; after one too many vodka shots in a game of RISK last night.We only had about a handful of people over; but they certainly made my night very enjoyable. The 'party' plan was mapped out in less than a day and we didn't give most of our guests much notice; we were too busy slogging through our Uni examinations!
I still had tons of energy left to cook up a storm in the kitchen despite the long week and tiring night. It was actually a relief that I didn't need to accommodate food for more than 10! Haha. I made the cheesecakes in the day time; marinated the chicken wings and cooked a pot of chicken curry to go with the fried noodles I made in the evening. Before the guests arrived; there was only grilling left to do; for the honey-soy chicken and sausage kebab skewers. Thanks so much; Pinks and Amrit for doing the washing and food preparation...I know how much you hate handling lumpy raw meat! LOL.I made a couple of flat tart bases from shortcrust pastry and a flower cookie cutter in the day time. I made a little "build-yourself-a-tart" corner. We had blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and white and milk chocolate sauce dips to mix and top off on our own!I think Lingling-"my-sweet-toothed friend" enjoyed it the most!
When we began eating; the girls headed straight for the desserts! ....then moved to the main meal...and back to desserts again! HAha...they got to work off the calories while shouting and cheering early that morning when we watched the World Cup game on TV.
Thanks everyone for showing up; was a great pleasure to cook a feast for all. I love how my friends and dear housemates make my UNi years in Sydney a memorable one *hugs*
Today has been a long day for me as well...can't wait to hit the sheets! Need to finally catch up for the lost hours of sleep....*waves goodbye*
Ps: Oh, just for laugh's; here's a picture of 'spider-man' who decided to swing-by! His shoes were red and black TOO!!*LOL* He's one hell of a nut!....a funny nut who has been a gracious guest. Thanks for the beers and smiles Peter.


swee said...

oo i see some familiar faces in the photo. hehe

Vintage Wine said...

Hi! I really enjoy your blog & I`m happy to have found it :-)
I`ll keep visiting you!

tytty said...

i can't help but feel a lil nervous seeing your friend's feet so near the heater, heh.

food and friends, the perfect combination!

Su-Yin said...

swee: yea it was fun to have them over.

vintage wine: thanks! :) I'm glad you like it. Your compliment just made my day! LOL

tytty: haha she was cold and she wanted her feet near the heater. Nothing burnt that night; don't worry! haha we had lotsa fun.