June 16, 2006

White Chocolate Chips!

Are these ready for a party?I baked a large square white-chocolate-chip cake today. It was for a 'project' I was working on for Sunday (*Father's day surprise coming up for dad tomorrow). I had a couple of bits and corners left from the cake and decided to slice them up neat and tiny for Amrit to bring to a party she was attending tomorrow. I piped dots of maple syrup buttercream on the tops and decorated the cake slices with white chocolate chips to match. I sneaked in a bite and they were simply delicious! A tiny bit too sweet; but tasty nonetheless!

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Anonymous said...

Oh yay! I love white choc-chip cake! I had it at a bake sale once and I fell in love with it but I have never been able to find a recipe for it :(. If it isn't too much trouble do you think you could send me the recipe? My email address is katy_dont_sleep@hotmail.com. Thanks :)