June 9, 2006

Sausage meat pies

Fridays are my worst days. I get to sit about at home the entire week procrastinating through my assignments, cooking, baking and reading food magazines until Friday..Its the day I need to get to class early in the morning and finish late in the evening. I guess I shouldn't have much to complain about...my timetable at uni IS pretty lenient.
I woke up early this morning to make myself some breakfast with the extra bits of mince meat and sausages I had left in the fridge. Class began at 9 and I decided to share a few warm pies with classmates of mine before we jumped into our extremely torturous lecture. He just goes on..and onnn...about the same thing over and over again...it kinda feels like he's nagging!
100g sausage meat / minced meat
1/2 large brown onion diced finely
3 cloves garlic diced
1 tsp salt
2 tsp dried oregano flakes
good dash of ground pepper

Mash these ingredients until they are well combined...leave them in the fridge overnight or for 30 minutes if you dont have much time.
lay out a couple of ready rolled puff pastry sheets....cut..fill...seal and decorate as desired. Bake in 180 degree oven for bout 20 minutes. Eat HOT!
I love shaping my sausage pies/puffs into different shapes...makes it more fun to eat, better to look at as well!

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