June 5, 2006

Coffee + Malt + Ice Cream

I discovered a tub of low fat vanilla icecream from a couple of months ago lurking at the quiet ends of my freezer. I dug it out and discovered there was only 1 tiny little scoop of ice-cream left in it. I flipped it over to read the expire date. Still good?! yay! Ice cream for breakfast! Haha.
I filled a couple of tall glasses with about 30 ml's of hot water and stirred in 2 heaped tsps of Riva coffee and 1 generous tsp of Horlicks into each. Gave it a good stir. Topped that with skinny milk, drizzled melted dark chocolate around the rim of the cup and topped it with a tiny scoop of ice cream. It was GReat! The perfect morning-pick-me-up.
I cheated my brain to thinking that it wasn't as fat as it was by not using sugar and instead, sweetening it with a rich and slightly sweet dark chocolate...which is apparently, is good for lowering blood pressure and providing our bodies with antioxidants. Link here to read more about the healthy reasons to eat dark chocolate. (in appropriate quantities...of course). Remember to stir well before having your first sip!

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Anonymous said...

this is actually a fantabulously delicious recipe!! THANYKYOU !!!! i have it every sunday morning ;)