May 14, 2006

Toga Party 2006

It was an eventful night for many at our toga party. Food was good and the drinks flowed well. We had a largely diversed group of 20-ish bedsheet-clad-people mingling about and It was certainly unforgettable. *extra cheers to Shaun(our toga-king) for being such a great sport! Several people came without toga's and we togafied them in garbage bags! I wish I had more pictures taken; but I didn't have my camera on me throughout the night. I remember many happy faces and loud noises and 'white russians' (the drink). Thanks again our "bartender" for the night; Shaun, for introducing us to this excellent cocktail - vodka, kahlua, mlik+ice cubes. It was really good.

Here is what we had;
Cheese fondue served with great bread, crackers, dips and lovely olive bread.
Cheese platter with Brie, Camembert,Babybells, Bavarian smoked Grunland and Norwegian Jarlsberg.
French onion and tzatziki dips with poppyseed bread sticks
olive skewers
Vine leaves
Greek yogurt with raspberry swirls, almonds and fresh fruit
Pasta with tuna, kalamata olives and capers
Cracked pepper pate and mascarpone sandwiches
Spicy mexican dip with cream cheese and cucumber

And for dessert table we had;
Malt chocolate cake and cupcakes
Honeycomb cupcakes
Almond cherry cake
Vanilla raspberry squares

A big thank you to everyone who came by and I hope you had yourself a good time. We (pinky amrit and me) had a great time putting it together! This will probably be the last of the parties for awhile...the Uni work and exams have begun to kick in full swing. Maybe something after the exams in our semester break!


Ow3N~w3iHoN said...

hi suyin! thanks for another great party! hahaha! lots happening this time compared to the last.. hope everyone (who were drunk) was alright, especially allison n ling wei!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

yes hon, thanks for bringing your good cheer to the party...alison and ling ling are fine..we made sure of that :)