May 30, 2006

Mini potato patties

Not really in the mood to blog today.
Cooked dinner.
Mixed 1/2 inch cube potatoes+ handful of mozzarella + seasalt + 1 tbsp butter + sprinkle of oregano and spooned into muffin trays, grilled and served with salad+ chicken thigh fillets.
My apologies everyone...the picture will just have to explain itself.Food didn't look too good/interesting today, did taste good though....just that its boring. Hope I'll be more inspired tomorrow.


Jen said...

Even when you don't feel like it your food still looks good. I love anything with potato in it!

By the way just letting you know that I've tagged you for a recipe meme... for when you feel inspired again.

Mama Sarah said...

Hi! What do you mean by "Food didn't look too good/interesting today ?If I could prepare something like that, I'll retire early mate!

Will try some of your recipes soon!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

aww thanks jen and mama sarah.
If you do try my recipes, tell me how they turn out... most of the stuff i post up can be adapted to your personal dont forget to add in your favourite ingredients!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

whats a recipe meme btw? new to the whole new food blogging yeah...ill google to see what it is >.<