May 11, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

This blog entry is specially dedicated our beloved Moms!
Happy Mother's Day to the Queens of our Hearts!
Priyanka: On this special day, I would like to celebrate you for always being there for the good and bad times, for believing in me and constantly encouraging me to be the best I can. What more could I ask for. Love you mom, Happy Mothers Day!,
Love lots;
Your darling daughter, Priyanka.

Su Yin (biboo): Mommy! it has been a few years since I've been able to spend Mothers Day with the family, and I miss you ever so much! On this special day which commemorates motherhood, I would like to sincerely thank you for the many lessons you've taught me, the silly antics which brought us laughter, the many times you've supported me through even the most ridiculous ideas I come up with and the how you've constantly made me feel important. You've been the mom every little girl wishes for; and I intend to make you proud.

Amrit: Dear Mummy, you are special in more ways than you know. Mother's day is a perfect day to thank you for all of them and to wish you the loveliest things and all the joys in life. Thanks for being so wonderful! Happy mothers day, Love lots; Amrit.


Sirin Ratti, your fan said...

PINKETY Pink, Love and thanks a million. Lovely message and more importantly lovely cake. Wonder who ate it finally? I guess I know who!!!!
To the girl who loves to cook you're great and thanks for pampering Pink. You have really outdone her mother. I never cooked that much.You're a really passionate cook Suyin.
You're looking good and well taken care of.
Blessings to each one of you and may you do well in all your future endeavours. Lots of love.

Su-Yin said...

Aunty (Mrs Ratti),Im honoured, flattered and humbled by your kind and encouraging words. I hope you would be willing to pass on a few great recipes and skills in making Indian dishes. Your daughter has been a wonderful friend and often speaks of her mother with pride. She tells me we are quite alike...or maybe its just because I cant help mother-ing her! haha

Jaswinder(amrits mum) said...

I agree with Mrs.Rathi that Pinky and Amrit are two very lucky girls.Thank you Suyin for all you have done. I wish I was there to taste the cake and everthing else on the blog which looks so yummy. The cake you and Pinky baked just before her exam touched me to the bottom of my heart.
Amrit, thank you for the lovely mother's day message.I agree you look good and well taken care of. I bless the day I met Pinky at the party and decided that you should be their housemate.
Take care the three of you and all the best. lots and lots of love.

Su-Yin said...

Mrs Sandhu, Im very flattered everytime Amrit tells me you frequent my blog.I guess its a good place to see what shes having for dinner! or is she getting fat lately *guilty*. hehe. Amrit has been a lovely housemate and we love her here. All three of us will look out for each other, so the worried parents back home will be able to relax a little :)


dearest yin, thanks for the lovely cake which i couldn't eat. I will try to imagine how it taste. I am glad that you all are watching for each other so all the mummys can relax and have peace of mind. YOU ARE REALLY BLESSED TO HAVE TWO SUCH WONDERFUL GUINEA PIGS TO TRY YOUR FOOD.don't make them too fat with all the sweet food. try more savory food okay. LOVE YOU AND THANKS FOR BEING SUCH A WONDERFUL DAUGHTER. LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER HAHAHA

Anonymous said...

I love your cupcakes, you are so creative, was wondering if you could share how u do all the sugar paste and do u use a cutter to make all the shapes, especially the tiara. I've 3 little children I'm sure they would appreciate making them with me.

Thanking you in advance.

Su-Yin said...

Hi there anonymous...:)
for this particular cupcake; i didn't use any cutters...just molded the shapes by hand. Think play-doh ;)
The sugar paste was store bought. I bought a chunk of white and coloured portions with food colouring on my own. Try getting fondant/sugarpaste from speciality cake shops. Or if you're in Australia; try searchin for Orchard Icing in your local supermarket baking aisle

Anonymous said...

We're all human and as such, it's easy to lapse for so many reasons - mine was mother's day yesterday :( See what I do to avoid lapses at