May 6, 2006

Generous rabbits

Amrit's Aunt has organized a birthday lunch for herself tomorrow and we were all invited over! Amrit; my housemate (if you don't know by now) decided it would be nice for us to bring over a homemade cake. She and I baked a carrot cake together and I helped ice it up all girly and cute! Her aunt's family is pretty health conscious and so a carrot cake with light cream cheese frosting instead of icing would be perfect.
How did I come up with the design plan?
Carrot cake= carrots= bunny rabbits! Pretty straight forward. The rabbits were molded from bits of white sugar paste, the ladder on the side was made from chocolate modeling clay and the bouquet of carrots were made from little Dutch carrots tied up with some paper and ribbon. The flowers and strawberry bows were piped on with pink coloured cream cheese frosting and silver dragees were scattered scarcely on the cake. My initial idea was for it to look as though the rabbits were presenting birthday gifts of carrots and strawberry gift parcels; but I personally feel I failed to portray that. My housemates opinions were that it just looks like a cake topped with cute randomness! Oh well, at least its cute...*shrug*

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Lex said...

what's really the difference between frostings and royal icing?