May 21, 2006

Chocolate Sandwich Crumble

I baked this specially for our very thoughtful friend Nali and her family. They heard that we often missed local Malaysian food and generously packed us some lovely idli, sambhar and coconut chatni which they knew we loved. Thanks so much for the thoughtful and wonderful surprise! For those who are in the dark about idli, click here. Sambhar is a dish common in Southern India and Sri Lanka, made of lentils (usually red gram, also called toor dal) and vegetables in a spicy tamarind and lentil flour soup base. My housemates and I decided to bake a cake to thank them for our delicious Indian spread.This is the first time I've ever made a chocolate crumble sandwich. I took a long pause thinking of the title for my blog post a few minutes ago; I didn't know what to name my cake. I stared at the photographs for awhile and decided to name it after the way it looks. It is a dark chocolate cake, sandwiched with white chocolate liquor buttercream + strawberries and it turned out a little crumbly (from my very disappointing cake stacking incompetence). I definitely need to get myself into a baking class or 2.
Why is it in 1/2 you ask? No...My housemates and I didn't eat some! *sneaky*.....Heh be honest, the real story is; I'm lazy, I only have 1 miserable round cake tin and I didn't have much time. It was going to take me over 3 hours to bake the cake in 2 batches to get 2 full layers and not to mention the cooling time, icing time....etc. etc. I decided it would be much simpler to just bake one cake and slice it through the middle horizontally and once across to make 4 semicircles of yummy crumbly(I don't own a good knife *sob*) chocolate cake. I personally would consider it an entire cake. Just think of it as a cake with a unique shape *wink*


Anonymous said...

Su Yin,

I am thrilled that you girls enjoyed the idli and will more than happily make you this or any other Sri lankan dish you're craving.

Thank you for the cake. It was just beautiful and we all loved it. It must have taken some effort but you really have a lot of talent. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Divine - no other word for it. and you say you need to go to a baking class?!?!
It looked delicious and it wasn't all that crumbly. The white chocolate butter cream with the dark chocolate cake layers tasted, well, divine. Thanks again, Su Yin!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

*blush* Im flattered. I think its always worth the effort when people enjoy and appreciate the cooking. Thanks so much again aunty for your lovely idli!

Fung said...

Improvised layers with only a single cake pan: clever. Your future baking will be much happier with more round tins and a good serrated slicer. (Leave gentle gift reminders for your friends and family!)

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi suyin,
i thought it was a design for the semi-round cake. you did well and the cake looks great! :)