April 21, 2006

Berry pancakes

About 2 weeks ago, I tried making stacks of mini ricotta pancakes which turned out Amazing! This morning with no ricotta cheese in the fridge, I went back to my old recipe stash and dug up my buttermilk pancake recipe; mixed up a smooth batter, added a dash of vanilla + brown sugar, and sliced some fresh berries for something a little different. They turned out decent I guess. They taste like pancakes...ordinary pancakes, just with the flavour of strawberry juices infused within them. They weren't as satisfying as compared to the ones made with ricotta cheese. It is still fresh in my memory how light and fluffy those tiny warm pancakes were, they melt in your mouth with amazing texture and a subtle taste of ricotta cheese. MmmMmm...*sigh* is guess there is no turning back to the old pancake recipe which once upon a time was great.

This is how the berries were put in place on the pan. Position the sliced berries before you flip the pancake over, this works well with peaches as well :)

Here I made a variation for my dear housemate-Amrit who does not have a liking for sour berries. I omitted the berries, spread and stacked hers with layers of jam and spilt a mandarin orange slice thru the middle to create a tiny shape of a heart.

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