March 31, 2006

Leaving my sanctuary :(

Will be going to the Gold Coast for the weekend!!! WEEe themePARKS!...too bad i couldn't bring my beloved kitchen along :P.My housemates requested that I keep them happy and satisfied with their usual favourtie Indonesian fried rice...I think I made enough for an army of men! I'll only be home on Tuesday, so they will have to feed themselves take out or just maccers across the street for a few days.
Timing for dinner was a bit awkward last night, I made 2 bowls full of glass noodles "dong fun" and they were done eating it by 5pm.So I had to make last minute pasta for dinner. Half way thru my cooking, I discovered I had 1/4 of the tomato base pasta sauce I was planning on using (I know I should have prepared ingredients and checked if I had everything...blah..blah..the usual "cooking" routines; but it slipped my mind, and I was too busy trying to get everything ready by dinner time), so "lil-miss-improvise" beat up 2 large egg yolks, added a few sprigs of tarragon leaves and mixed it into the pasta sauce in the pan with condiments and meat already sitting there cooking. I then stirred in a lil cream and milk to thicken the sauce, added some zing with tabasco sauce,squeezed in a lil lemon juice, sprinkled a handful of grated mozzarella, and it was actually good! comment from a fellow diner was "its a lil sour", so I guess youu could leave out the lemon juice, or just add a lil sugar, depending on how much red sauce you're working with. I wish I had a photo to go with this..but I forgot to take one..and the pasta's all gone down our tummies.
I also made chicken wings to go with the dinner last night, they were tandoori chicken wings which got an A+ from me and a fellow housemate. Pinky still pulled the skin off of the wings, paranoid that they were covered in fat; despite the fact that I grilled them with absolutely no oil in the oven. But honestly...what's a chicken wing without its skin, the flavour in the spices and the crunchy bits are the best part! I try not to think of the cholesterol when I eat them >.


Anonymous said...

aww, your making me hungry ><


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

george? sorry, but its a fairly common name and im wondering if i know you.