March 30, 2006

It's a ME day!

Everyday I whip up goodies for my lovely housemates, I get daily requests like; "GOooeey CHocoLATE!, BerRRy FiLLed yum stuff; NASI LEMAK!!!, black pepper chicken *MMmM*....list continues.. haha, today I decided to satisfy my personal love and craving for reeses peanut butter cups! Its fairly difficult to find them here in Sydney, I get an occasional surprise when I see them lying around the counters. I have had a love for all things peanut butter for years!(not the crunchy type...but the smooth creamy taste of peanut butter from a Kraft jar). I bet I'm not alone when I say I eat it with a spoon! Even the sexy and famous do --> brad Pitt did it in Meet Joe Black, he looked adorably gorgeous with a spoon stuck in his mouth! ;) Personally its the texture of soft and smooth peanut butter on its own, the fragrant tinge of toasted groundnuts with a subtle taste of sweetness ; pureed into a sticky 'melt-in-your-mouth' buttery consistency...(*MmmM...quickly runs downstairs for a spoon*)
Back on topic, i made a batch of heavenly chocolate cupcakes topped with peanut butter 'icing' and dotted with milk chocolate ganache. Just quoting a housemate of mine "Oh MY GOD! YuMm Mmm MmmmmMmm"she's satisfied..and so was i, after pigging out with 3!~ :P Discovering the gym was probably the best thing that happened to my body. I made a special lil one for myself, with EXTRA peanut butter topping. *teehee*
Secret to the cupcake recipe : Use your favourite basic cupcake recipe, add in 125g melted milk chocolate and an extra 1/4 cup of milk(depending on the consistency of the batter...fold in alternately with the flour) If your cupcake is usually fairly sweet, you might want to take of a lil of your sugar proportions. When they're done, toast a few walnuts in the oven in a sheet of foil for about 5 mins, take them out, fold the foil over and pound them with something heavy. Mix 2-3 heaped tbsp of creamy peanut butter,1/4cup icing sugar and the crushed walnuts together. Melt 50g chocolate and stir in 1tbsp of cream...that should give you a nice shiny ganache mixture.
assemble it however you wish...pipe it, spoon it on, spread it, whatever tickles your fancy *tip: if you love peanut butter like me, dig a lil hole in the cupcake before you spread the peanut butter topping!
ps: thanks yan for the url of the blog that gave me inspiration for these! they absolutely made my day! :)


Anonymous said...

Thought I should comment here, as it is relevant to this post... I got a honourary mention! Made my day :p

Also, there's a shop here that sells peanut butter cups, so if you ever need a binge, you know who to call ;)Same goes with Famous Amos cookies, heh.

Waiting for you to post some savoury recipes, especially that nasi lemak one *HINTHINT*. Not a big fan of the sweet stuff but could easily overdose myself on grease and salt. Yum.

P/s: Also check out

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

yea ive been to the sari party girl hehe...shes cool. thanks yannie muakz!
MAIL ME MY AMOS COOKIEEESSS! :P *slurp* would kill for their secret cookie dough recipe...nasi lemak would probably come out next week...drop by again :)

Anonymous said...

Ialso want to eat hehe. got slimming pills to help keep the weight off hehe

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

dearest cute anonymous 'mommy'...i still think exercise is the best slimming "pill" hehehe

Rileen Aya said...

omg peanutbutter cupcakess! why on earth did nobody thought of that! (peanut butter fanatic) roarrrr! i have 0 intelligence in the kitchen. but i'd make that >=D after my finals. which is.. this coming monday.

thanks thanks thanks!

Anonymous said...


i love your journal!
d food are amazing!
may i get the recipe for chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! plz....

Anonymous said...

oo yup.. forgot the email address for you to mail me the recipe of chocolate peanut butter name is IZA