August 12, 2010

Thinking Big

I'm a preacher of all 'little things'. Guilty.
That's what everyone tells you and constantly reminds you "Don't forget the little things"... okay.. it probably is because the big things seem obvious as a focal subject.
For all those just like me, who love to dwell in the beauty + satisfaction of finding joy from the little things... i've got 3 words for you; WHERE'S THE BIG? You're losing the whole POINT of how all these little things came about. haha

It's the same way I look at large wedding cakes I make. I focus so much on ideas; little details and colours, contrasts... but when it comes down to stacking and shaping; I go... "oh; wait, let me work out how exactly I'm going to make this come together"
The joy I get from being a part of such beautifully crafted weddings are indescribable. Being the 'cake' and the centerpiece; is so much pressure; it always feels overwhelmingly heartwarming.

On a personal level; I've been making it a habit to never lose the big picture. It says in blinking neon lights on a 10foot billboard; DELECTABLE by Su *laughs* Well.. not literally; I want so much to bring my new found aspirations for Delectable to life; It's been a little more than a year now; before I know it; it's going to be 2 years! I've brokendown; torn myself up and now created a brand new me to continue this journey of mine. It's time to GO GO GO! Like a never ending race; and an infinite finish line.... might make a pit stop occasionally for a pedicure or pint of draught in the evening. *shrug* I sincerely believe ill tire out eventually; Jo thinks I never will have enough... he's had enough of me though; been flying solo for more than a month now. Didn't think I'd compose myself so well this time around. I suppose Fool me once; shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me.

Love and kisses peeps!
Will publish the many unfinished blog posts soon.


ashieBee said...

jo has had enough of you? :(

Gabby Malcuit said...


Jin Choong said...

Lovely cakes as usual! I have been following with interest, particularly since I want you to do my wedding cake next year! Will be in KL end of the month. I'll only be in town for a couple of days before returning to London. Will I need to arrange an appointment to discuss designs?

qwazymonkey said...

Wishing you a delectable life ahead. Waitamin...u already have one! :P

jacqueline said...

Dearest su, i am one of those guilty ones that too always remind myself to look at "all the little things". This is such a beautiful sentiment of such a wonderful reminder of not to forget about the "big picture". Your creations are gorgeous and you are my inspiration! Have a lovely merry happy friday and love to you!

Bboy j~One said...

Lovely creations as always su-yin, you're an amazing as i always say. you have an amazingly bright future ahead of u, much brighter than any other star in the southern sky...


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

ashie: haha yea; he's moved on dear.. it's been a rough ride towards the end; but we're still friends. so it's cool :) he will always be special.

thanks everyone for leaving kind messages and compliments xoxoox

jin: uh huh :) you can find us on try filling out the contact form or writing us an email; we can fix things up online via email correspondence before we meet up too!

jon: hehe *Huggies*

jacqueline: aww... love to you dearest; I want to talk to you soon about branding our badges in the store with your contact details or "so cute it hurts" will call u soon xo

jOne: i've missed you. Wonder if i'll ever make icecream for you again. LOL will make u a 'corny' flavour :P pun intended! heheheh

shelbybisou said...

babydoll, your wedding cakes just get prettier and prettier!