August 23, 2010

Over-Cooked Eggs

I really hate it when my pastry baking flops from improperly baked eggs. My yolks were supposed to be runny! and they would have been if I watched the oven like I should have!
I like em gooey and deliciously flavourful. Full .. of yummy cholesterol goodness *giggle*

Salmon Egg-y puff pies

6 4'x4' Frozen Puff pastry squares
3 slices smoked salmon
3 eggs
3 tbsp of grated mozzarella
Fresh oregano (roughly torn)
a dash of flake sea salt
cracked black pepper

Preheat oven to 180degrees celcius
Slice 3 pastry squares into 4 strips each. Place the other 3 squares onto a baking tray.
Use strips to form a square tartlet on the 3 base squares (refer to photograph). Press down a little to stop leakage on the corner seams.

Divide cheese, smoked salmon and herbs into the 3 prepared tart cases. Gently break an egg into the center of the tart, being very careful not to pierce the yolk.
Immediately place in the oven and cover loosely with a sheet of foil over the top. Bake for 35-40 minutes until eggs begin to cook slightly but still remains runny; pastry should be puffed at this point. Remove foil; Sprinkle with pepper and herbs; bake uncovered for another 5 minutes until golden and crisp on the corners and eggs are a little jiggly.
Serve immediately! some put ketchup on this. I would have mustard instead.

I filled these with the best smoked salmon, expensive cheese and freshly bought herbs. They were supposed to come out SUPER. Well.. they didn't cause I was careless. I feel pretty bad when I see good yolks go to waste. Got bored? complacent? didn't watch the timing and the oven temperature..
Yea; I am beating myself up about it... and yes; I'm also talking in code.
This post isn't about the my eggs; or their yolks; or my inability to make puff pies. It probably is about the person I made them for, how he loves eggs runny and how we've 'over-cooked' our fun times together.... It's only a probability. *shrug* ;) hahaha
I'm just tired of having bad overdone eggy-pies now... dwelling comes to a halt. moving along! I need GOOD eggs; not bad ones! LOL
Will have an obsession about strawberries instead tomorrow. *wink*

Try the egg-ypie recipe! They taste AWESOME! reallly! If you don't like salmon; fill it with roast chicken or peas even! Filling combo's probabilities are endless!


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No dwelling, Boo!!!

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have a nice time,

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waaa comelnyer.. n nampak lazat..

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haha lets not drag jo into this..>.< he's innocent; and we're good friends :P

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rebound man ahahhaaha

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