July 18, 2010

Driven by a brand new Adventure - Delectable TREATS!

"I can't believe I'm standing in front of someone's dream"
.....said Raymond with a hug and smile.

Taking each step forward towards this Delectable 'dream' of mine has been unreal.

It's often a cycle where I find myself going through the same little sequences of stress, horror and then triumphant moments. I don't think I'll ever tire of it. I don't deny my occasional whine-spree which everyone is probably tired of hearing *giggle* sorry... heee.. But yes; i love my job and everything that comes with it.

In the past year I've learnt so much from running our Delectable Designer cake Studio up at The Gardens Mall midvalley. We have gradually introduced new and seasonal items onto our shelves which have eventually now become permanent favourites with our customers. It wasn't exactly rocket science to figure out that it would be a good idea to add on more varieties and quantities of these things that everyone began coming back for.
With the help of feedback from our lovely elves and customers; it helped us at production understand what we had to do with TREATS! Most of what I've put up in our new menu comprises of family secrets; favourites and a host of sweet treats which are personal. They've got a story to them and most of the recipes I've chosen to use mean something special to me.
From little fun things my mom used to make for us at home to concoctions I fed my housemates back in Sydney; I've touched them up and made them Delectable!

Just recently we've had an introductory launch for an opportunity to hand out samples of our products and to celebrate with our Delectable family and fans over mingle and wine. It was a fun evening for my elves and I. We did our best with the short time that we had to bring out piping hot savoury foods and a sampler dish each of our new cakes + desserts.

I want to thank everyone for the gifts; for the support; advice; for coming.. just for EVERYTHING! I truly truly appreciate all the love showered onto what we do and sharing the excitement with us has made it such a memorable experience for the elves and I.

FOR MORE PICTURES OF THE EVENT and TO ADD US ON FACEBOOK; CLICK HERE! Fan's get many perks such as exclusive party invites and pre-order priority specials ;)

Will have stories for everyone with how things are running with Delectable Treats here soon. <3

It's been a week now since the first day; and there still is some fair bit of tidying up to do in terms of our products and shop displays.


Unknown said...

Looks like the greatest place on earth x massive congratulations x

OohLookBel said...

Congratulations! The new store is amazing, and so are you!

liya said...

Congrats Su! Its nice to see your passion evolving into something so divine. The very best:)

Chux said...

Hello Su,

My name's Charles, I'm a dancer from Sydney and a friend of Jo's.
I remember stumbling onto this site years ago seeing Nari's Adidas shoecake and Jeremy's cake as well, and i was very impressed back then.
I lost the address, stumbled back onto your site a few months ago. I

A big congratulations on the store, and how much skill you've built up since the first time I saw your work years ago. Everyone I show your blog to ends up bookmarking it. I'm sure the store will be extremely successful.

Congratulations again,

jacqueline said...

Dearest su, loving that quote bu Raymond! I love your new treats shop and can't wait to visit it again for more treats! Im celebrating and dancing with you! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Ellie Rigby said...

looks like a fairytale wonderland


Anonymous said...

i don't know how you & ur staffs can be sooooooo busy with so much of demand on what you guys do and yet can pull off looking fabulous. i wish i can do that :( kudos to you.

metamor4sis said...

O wow Wish I could have been there

mkia said...

What are all those pictured items that looked sooo delish?! Care to label them and put them on delectable.com.my?

Love the packaging! I'm from S'pore and will make it a point to drop by Delectable Treats when I head up to KL!

Fi said...

My goodness everything's adorable!!!! Are the boxes and containers for sale too? =D =D =D

Secret Restaurant Recipes said...


We are so excited for you and hope all goes well.

We love receiving your RSS feeds and reading through your posts!

Good Luck!

J2Kfm said...

Congrats Su. Sorry I was slightly late and rushing off.
I went on the next day but you were not around though.

fara dean said...

Hi su!
your cakes are great and so beautiful. Tapi boleh tak tanya agak2 mampu tak org mcm sy ni beli kek tu..sangatttt cantik..tak berkelip mata!

Lex said...

Awww babes... Just so proud of you! From the girl who I stole recipes online from to an inspiring friend, I really chuffed to see you just grow!! You are one tough cookieeeee :) xxxx

Beks said...

Oh Su, that looks amazing! Well done, doll! xxx

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

Hi everyone!! super sorry for the incredibly alte response :(
haha im slack; i know.. hehe
THANKS SOOOO much for the congratulatory wishes; the goodluck wishes ALL Types of wishes! haha
thanks so so much for the support and the encouragement; it really makes the hard work i put in worthwhile :)

I wouldn't have the courage to do what I do without having everyone take the time to write me sweet messages and give me virtual pats on the back. I want to virtual hug everyone so bad right now! haha

COME visit the store when you can!
I met someone all the way from Canada today; she was a blog reader and a Delectable fan. OMG IT WAS AWESOME!
Taiwan...indonesia..philipines! OMG i want to meet you all one day!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

chux: haha i know you ;)
thanks for leaving a message. Will officially say hi when i am back in sydney one day. *shrug* soon.. soon hehe