November 19, 2009

Listening to those who love us.

For these initial months that Delectable has opened it's doors to cake and dessert lovers, I've been getting an increasing number of requests and suggestions to add favourite things of many onto our shelves! From orange poppy seed cakes, to strudels, popcorn, puddings and even a fondue fountain. I try my best to accommodate all we can in terms of our production and available oven space; but even when I do deem them not possible in this point in time, I've got em' stowed away safely for bigger and better days when I am confident to do us proud with these new additions to our store items.
I just want to make sure what we bring out really is a solid product backed up with deliciously unbeatable recipes and inspiring new twists!
These 3 brand new babies have been harped on since the very first weeks!
It took me much thought and many attempts at several different techniques; but I'm pretty sure I finally found a winner!
Souffle style cheesecakes are pretty common here in Malaysia but I wanted to come up with something in miniature sizes packed with flavourful and rich cheesey goodness instead!
Indeed these havn't exactly got a layer of 'cake' within its decadent layers; but It's a cheesecake alright! A Delectable one for sure! :P
Definitely a lovely addition to our chiller shelves to satisfy those cravings for a fruity yet creamy cheesecake dessert. The cookie crusts at the bottom are thick and yummy! Perfect for buttery crust lovers like me!
They come in 3 flavour options which are sure to have you coming back for more.

Lulu's Strawberry cheesecake
A good choice for berry lovers and those who love classic tangy fruits atop their cheesecake. Adorable, pretty and very much delicious! Girls would go Ga-ga for this little baby!

Teddy's Caramel & Banana cheesecake
Just a little touch of caramel makes the creamy bits of cheese so irresistible! Layered in between thick chunky slices of fresh banana! OH! how can you possibly say no!

Jo's Lime & Coconut cheesecake
Freshly made lime curd hides beneath this mountainous swirl of cheese topped with lovely shreds of coconut-y crisps! Perfect for those who love a touch of sour punch to their desserts. And how cute is that little white chocolate lime button over the top!? hehe; this one's my favourite *wink*

They've been moving so quickly off the shelves each time we put em out! I hope it'd give our best selling 7 sins of Chocolate dessert a run for the top spot in the coming months! *grin*


Marina Mott said...

So lovely; so sweet; so yammy!!! Really great idea! that's why I'm your big (brasilian) fan!!!

Henna Bakshi said...

I was surfing through your blog, and let me tell you, it is very inviting. I share the passion you do, I love food and I am a food columnist in a school newspaper, and I recently started blogging. I would love it if you'd click by and check it out. My most recent one was about tea, and your sweet treat would go really well with some Earl Gray, don't you think?

boo_licious said...

I want! I want! Must make time and swing by this weekend and grab some. Kisses to Su!

celine said...

i don't like cheesecake, but simply adore your presentation .... which is your forte, as always.

Kiran said...

I am drooling, sitting here in Orlando, Florida!!!!!! I want :D

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

im ashamed to say tat i try to avoid this corner of urs bcos i m afraid i will go crazy and stock up all this delights n break my "so called diet"..

looks like its gonna b a bad idea, bcos theres more stuff to buy!!!

note to self, work out in gym and go to su place..

EADotCom said...

Only seven sins.....

Anonymous said...

can you put the price in it , thanks and good job su!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Thanks everyone for leaving a comment! haha i blush ridiculously at the word "fan" haha to think that i'd have fans is nuts! mega awesome though.
henna: thanks for the tip with the tea! yea i'll definitely check it out.

thanks for those who've come by for some; haha though i've been finding it so hard to keep things consistent; i'm doing my best! really...

joe: COME! omg don't be afraid of my yummies! hahah

eat: haha yes... i know some who have promised their souls to our seven sins.. haha

more stuff in the fridge to come!

p.s they are RM15 each :)