October 27, 2009

You won't believe what I did this morning!

I had been up all night working on some text and ideas for the coming festive seasons....
Naturally Su eventually dozed off in front of her computer. The sun rose and got her in the eye.
She pounces back up digging right back into editing photos for the website.
It's not a good day.
She makes an attempt to better it. She claws at her phone and begin texting in search of lunch companions. "I need to get out!"
Lunch was in 3 hours. She ran through her morning and afternoon errands and responsibilities; determined to free a couple of hours of fun and frolic. Her phone rings. IT'S BEEN 3 hours already!? Oh no! Aida's waiting and she's hungry!!
Su dashes into the bathroom with the first piece of clothing she finds in her closet. Brushes her teeth whilst wondering if she had remembered todays schedule correctly, what she was going to say at her 2pm appointment, who she was meeting this evening, if all the items for the photoshoot are ready as planned for tonight and why she hadn't changed out of her pyjamas since the morning.
She jumps into the shower and turns the water up. WAIT! CRAP! i still have clothes on!!
*face -> palm* Hahaha
I don't think anything like this has ever happened to me before. In the midst of my thoughts and
multitasking abilities...attempting a shower in full clothing really wasn't ever part of the to-do's. I got just a tiny bit wet; before i realized OH! hey! wait a minute!! *laughs*

In just the past couple of months I've been making sound attempts to self groom and appear professional at work; which meant more minutes wasted blow drying my hair; putting on make up; belting my frocks, wearing socks with my shoes... that sorta thing. Each time I realize it's time to have a shower and get changed; i change into "Hustle"-mode and I suppose I mostly mess up along the way. I get too used to taking less than 15 minutes to get myself outta there!~

I used to think it was unnecessary hassle; that everyone should just look 'natural'; but I now understand how your personal hygiene and proper grooming affects the perception of others towards your maturity and professionalism at work.
Hitting the 24 mark in September had definitely come to me as a nasty big wallop on my eagerness to be youthful forever; but now i've finally learnt to embrace this as a learning curve in the highest point of my 20's.

The days have been getting more and more hectic as I venture in deeper into my business plans with Delectable. Truth be told; I'm almost afraid to look at what's coming straight at me, but if my eye's are shut; they're going to hit me right in the face! haha consequences and responsibilities that come hand in hand with business growth show no mercy. Especially to unsuspecting little lamb-first timers like me. I'm going to be okay.. I know it.
Soldiering on as best I can; as fearless as my heart deems possible... my family in my hands and dear friends on my back, it's solid ground i'm standing on.

My sillyness taught me a very important lesson this morning.
As busy as my professional life may be; I have to find time to focus on doing the little things that make me a complete person. Because at the end of the day; the pursuit of a successful career isn't an entity I can rely on for happiness; my life is.


Marina Mott said...

Dear Su:
You're absolutely right!

Samantha said...

Well said, Su! ;)

Family First said...

Nicely said!

Wa-Wa said...

u are right.. :) well said and nice blog u have.. take care!

The trekker, agnes said...

the pursuit of a successful career isn't an entity I can rely on for happiness; my life is

OMG, you get this at such young age. well done Sue

Cindy Khor said...

a very inspirational post, yeah, i love how you end this post with the little note...

and cheers to becoming a grown up now...

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Gosh, what maturity!
I needed to read this post today. Thanks!

Kiran said...

Well said Su! Loved the last quote, very inspirational :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

i definitely cant believe what you did that morning!