August 16, 2009

How do you describe moments beyond happiness

I'm generally happy every day of my life.
I'm the sort of girl who makes the best out of every little thing about each day to convince myself; "Hey! This ain't so bad at all! in fact; this is great!

Looking beyond all things that pressure and frustrate me throughout the 18+/- hours a day that I'm working and occasional moments when i am just too exhausted to be cheerful; i'm a lucky lucky girl indeed! I've got all my organs functioning perfectly, my dream job and self owned business, a supportive family, a one in a million boyfriend, meaningful friendships and just about everything I need to sustain a sincere smiley face through it all.

I really can't complain. Through the sweat and long hours I and my trusty grey matter pull through daily; I know what i brought upon myself is worth every ounce of effort.
There are rare times when i'm even happier than the regular happy me. It almost sounds so unfair that I get all this happiness from all over the place! Hehe

I'm not going to fumble through the dictionary looking for words to denote bliss in this attempt of mine to describe my happiness. I'm just going to call them my "Jo days" *grin*
It's the rare moments i'm close to him; the sweet gestures he pulls out from a far and the many times I'm reminded how we have each other.

Everyone should have their own 'Jo days' too! It could be a favourite food? or a favourite place? Mine happens to be in the form of a handsome person. Hehe
It's like our rock; the place we confide our troubles in hopes for emotional betterment!
I wish it could be Jo day for me everyday, but nothings ever perfectly the way you imagine it to be. Being apart from each other makes 'Jo days' very rare and unreachable; which in some sense makes it valuable; but yet in another perspective, sucks! :(
Patience could be the key? maybe?
Or do we move on looking to find other sorta 'days' to nourish our souls? I've gotten myself a "full-fat Starbucks day" a "Yummy bake day" a "Peanut butter day" a "fluffy toy day"
What "day"s do you have?


La Table De Nana said...

I hope you are always happy.This is such a nice post to read before going to bed:) Sweet! Like your creations!

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Cutiepie alert. :-)

Ifah said...

wednesday is my happy day.. coz i just feel like i want it to be my happy day =)

Kiran said...

Sigh! I can understand that feeling without your "Jo". I have my "days" too, and I happily indulge chocolates in my "days" :D Devilish eh?

... said...

Hello. I found you blog via links of people who love your creations.

I have bubble tea days. It can be after a really good long run or a day to celebrate being finished with less than ideal roommates. Bubble tea. Yes, please.

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

mine r sugar days..when any sweets like cakes, chocs n anything sweet..

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

haha sugary+chocolatey-bubbletea-wednesdays?! :P

la table de nana: Aww you're sweet too!!! hehe

lemongrass: haha you'll get to meet him soon I hope.