August 20, 2009

The child in all of us.

SNUggly TEDDY!!! yay!

I like taking quick glimpses at many who make their way into our store for a peek at our cupcakes.
More than often; you get women smirking or pursing their lips in delight, almost wanting to squirm with a 'EeeEeeeee soooo cuteee" Haha It's funny how most young ladies chose to keep those expressions silent; when in fact there really is nothing to hide. The children shamelessly exclaim in excitement each time they discover the Jo bunnies in a new pose; or Lulu the sheep with a pretty new bow on her head. Of course; what comes after is an annoying ring of "I WANT I WANT!" There really is a child hidden in all of us; ALL yes... men, this includes males too. The same way you feel the need to believe Spiderman really does exist; us females need to have cutesy little yummy treats to pine for! :D
I've caught a fair number of older men on occasion; smirking to themselves as they stare at the cuddly little beings. And when I finally say they have names; Teddy, Lulu and Jo; they burst out into a Ah ha-ha-ha ..trying to sound as macho as possible.
Silly i feel.. I embrace that child in me instead! She leaps me into hops to cheer me up. She gives me hope in the goodness of 'human-kind', She buys me stickers to make me feel all better inside. The little Su has an obsession for stickers of all sorts; but I'll save that story for another day.

Cuddles for everyone tonight!!



Anonymous said...

Hi Su

I came upon your blog by chance and I've been visiting your blog like everyday just to have a look at your incredible and beautiful creations.

You are truly an inspiration and i simply love your creations.

I'm thinking of attending Notter School... my passion is baking but I'm not creative ( like you ) in creating beautiful cakes with fondant but do have an interest.

Still thinking whether I should go cos of the cost and wonder whether I would be able to do something with my experience after that ! It's just scary ! Don't think I would worry if I have even half of your creativity !

Thank you Su... you have been a blessing ( just to ohh and ahh over your cakes ! I believe it taste as good as it looks ! )

Love your work and should I visit KL.. I would love to taste your cakes.

Regards, Chris

The trekker, agnes said...

hi Sue, you get your inspiration from the in thing of H1N1 that's around to come up with security blankets for your teddies ?
Amelia has just touch down New York two hours ago, waiting to start her college in few days time, I can say though she worked a short stint for Delectable, you made her a lasting fan of your creation. She never fails to adore your artwork, just like you never fail to amazes her mum with your talent
keep up your good work.

Crazy Cake Lady said...

Eeee!! OMG, these are beyond adorable!!!

Yeah, I'm not one of the silent ones, lol. ;)

La Table De Nana said...

Soon soon soon our 4th little grandson will be here..Your post brought a big smile.You are so talented!

Kiran said...

It's soooo adorable! :)

t h e r e s a said...

Wow, you are so talented. Your cupcakes are amazing!!

ashieBee said...

awwwwwwwwwww too cuteeeee!!!! :))

i wanted to visit your shop but i havent had the chance to drop by MV. aiyoyooo and im going back next week on sunday!

takecare su!

Chef C said...

hi Su,

i recognize these cupcakes. An order from a repeat customer, i see. words are spreading fast. wish you all the best.

Thy Thy said...

You are so tanlented! admire you a lot! :)

Angiekyl said...

the baby is so cute

irisccy said...

seriously, your creations are so cute that i actually bought a glass jar, saved and put one of your sugar bunnies in it. it's still in my freezer now. every now and then, i open up my freezer just to look at it. (^_____________^)

Mommy Reporter said...

Your cupcakes are so amazingly beautiful!! I'm in awe... I think I want to go bake now. LOL

x in the lu and mi ~ said...

Whoa ~ seriously u have a gift !! i m definately gonna order my wedding (in future) cake frm u =) ~
And visit ur store soon ~

fireheart said...

Keep this going Su! The photos of your creation that you post here are awesome. Never fail to make me smile every day.

diena said...

i love the baby n teddy... so adorable!

Madison said...

I would love to one day see these in person!

Foodie said...

Hi Su,
The first time I walked past your shop, it was pretty late at night and it was already closed. I couldn't resists and kept peering into the darkness to catch glimpses of the beautiful designs.

For sure, when I am in KL next month, I'll pop by..but wouldn't it be sinful to sink my teeth into something so beautiful..

Amelia said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW omgomgomgomg *squeal in delight*

the bear is SO VERY CUTE! LOL

I want I want I Want!!

Unknown said...

Your attention to detail is amazing! I love how even the little bears have the stitch lines on them. Gives me the same fuzzy feeling I get when I hug my giant teddy :)
Can't wait to drop by your shop one day!

betty said...

Wonderful,yummy site-thanks for the pictures and info! Betty

Superman said...

It is a piece of nice art work! Outstanding!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Chris: thanks so much for your kind remarks on my work :) I'm so happy they have become and inspiration and I'm deeply humbled by it. Haha pastry school is different for everyone; i had a good experience to teach me discipline; but creativity really is something we develop with diligence.

agnes: haha hi ame's mommy!She so happy now! Im so happy for her!

This is great! All the squeeling ladies together with Su as she makes he cutesy animals! haha

iris: awww youre such a sweetheart! haha i do know of few who have done that too! LOL they say "hello" as you open the freezer door huh?? haha I dunno; my little creatures to talk to me occasionally ;)