July 2, 2009

Hat's off to all those who inspire us.

Could I really be the true Jack of all trades; citizen of neither-land... constantly yearning for the grass over neighbouring fences?
An eyepatch over me and parrot over my shoulder; I'd probably pass off easily as an adventurer armed with my personal ship crew!
Yes yes... I'm lucky; very much blessed with all the incredible opportunities and guidance I've received from far and wide. But more than often, the general public chooses to conveniently forget opportunity without action or dedication does remain irrelevant. They waltz into the store thinking I've hired a couple of little gremlins to bang out cakes by the millions and have just been sitting on my royal butt accepting all that glamorous attention. Friends and family who have followed me through my mere 6 months of development have seen my sequence of mental and physical deterioration! *laughs* It isn't as though no one has offered help or have given me all I've needed to start off Delectable. The number of kind gestures of goodwill I've received are countless!
It's great!! I should be satisfied no?
I should just say hey! The shop is awesome~
.... but no... Su Yin doesn't stop; she keeps reaching for more and more... not out of greed; but purely for the satisfaction of knowing she can.
Occasionally I find funny little ways to inspire myself to keep pushing forward; most of the time it is the people around me and the stories I hear about others just like me.
Here's just another little something; her melody and lyrics transported me to an 'untouchable' pedestal! well...just in my mind I suppose. *giggle*

Makes me want to run up a meadow singing at the top of my lungs ala - Sound of Music!

I wasn't a fan of Hannah Montana; but I guess I am now?..


Poorni Pillai said...

Adorable little Su! :) But what a genius....those of us who've been reading your blog from the early days are so proud of you. You should know that :)

Chef C said...

uplifting and inspiring lyrics. i can while you'll run up the meadow and sing your lungs out! haha...

Anonymous said...

Very inspiring post! Thanks and I wish you continued success!

astoria said...

Hi! I came across your blog by accident and just wanted to say, "my gosh, you're talented!" I'm from a pastry school as well, but I've been rubbish at making figures out of fondant and the likes. hahaha. these are just gorgeous! well, i hope to come down to malaysia one day to visit your shop (i'm from singapore) best wishes!

Cella Chung and The Reluctant Dragon said...

speaking of people who inspire others, you continually inspire me and many others who follow your blog! i'm only 16 and reading your posts and seeing the beautiful treats you create to make other people so happy makes me want to get out there and attempt to bake as well! you're marvelous and keep up the amazing work~~ :3

ellenN said...

Hi Su! Read the article about you on Sin Chew yesterday. Keep it up and stay healty at the same time. Cheers!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

mia: hehe you're so nice always! :) XOXOXO it would be so awesome to meet u one day.

chef c: hahaha i was thinking it; i wish i had a meadow :(

john: thanks john! hope to hear from ya again some time :)

astoria: heyhey! It's nice to know someone in the same line soon :) haha practice!! i didnt learn this overnight :P Do say hello when you're in the country next :)

cella: heya cutie! you've got a long way to go! I'm so glad i've made a difference. Come by the shop for hugs!! hehehe

ellenN: i will :) im sleeping better! hehe