February 7, 2009

it still is Chinese new year...

....half way around the world, the city of Las Vegas is elaborately decked with red trimmings and auspicious symbols of prosperity. It's a pretty nice gesture from the local casinos who made an effort to celebrate their favourite customers... I'm Chinese; and I know gambling and Chinese New Year comes hand in hand. :D
So you've been there; seen the movies; read the travel magazines...
What’s your favourite thing about Las Vegas?
Endless gambling fun? The night life? Luxurious shopping? The Booze? Skyscrapers? 5star services?There are endless attractions here in this desert land many affectionately call The City of Sin. It may sound tempting to many; but personally I shudder at the thought.
I’ve been here a couple of times; and yes I admit, with world class cuisine, excellent services, its celebrities and mindblowing stage performances; I’ve enjoyed myself thoroughly each trip. It's hard not to.

However, if I HAD to pick; my favourite thing about coming to Vegas would definitely be the people watching! *grin*
It’s a live comedy show filled with hunky men and loose sexy women. Nasty! Hahaha it’s as entertaining as it gets. Almost like ridiculous reality TV shows; but close-up, live and funnier! There are endless bits of detail I pick up from every stream of people who walk past. Most of them unpredictable and a little off balance past 3pm.
Why am I not drunk myself?
Well…the party princess in me has long left the building. My collection of slinky, strappy dresses have now retired to storage and I can’t remember the last time a couple of drinks got me intoxicated enough to find disgusting sleazebags attractive.
Lucky for me, it’s been awhile; and I’m sorta glad I’ve moved on with more beneficial social activities. Well; it’s suppose it is inevitable when you find yourself an amazing boyfriend and a solid relationship. Don’t get me wrong; I still feel completely natural being in a fun and sociable environment. I just now prefer to do it with modest clothing and a clear conscience. There’s no harm in a smile and a hello. Hey! There are to many delicious looking young men in suits here in Vegas; you can’t expect me to not look can you?! *cheeky grin*
Hmm… you know what surprises me?
Despite the worrying state of our world economy; international and local tourists still seem to find courage to gamble, risk and party away their hard earned wages. It’s a never ending cycle of temptation and sin!
Su can generally be found parked in a fairly high traffic location. I treat myself to a cup of Starbucks (yes I'm addicted to it- Dammit Katie Carr! :P) and type up bits and pieces of work as I watch crowds make their way to and fro. It’s a pretty good way of being productive as I create my own little Vegas vacation.
I can’t help but begin to make little cliché generalizations of crowds and their personalities. Like in high school but not discriminative! hehe
There are many 'people-watchers' just like me, and we find comfort in each others company. Mind you; we aren't wall flowers; we make small talk and exchange hellos over the bar counter. Of course; our bar serves up delicious caffeine and donuts instead of alcoholic beverages. Some of us peek at traffic with our noses behind books and some of us sketch away on our notepads. You think it's silly? HAH! you don't know what you're missing! ... *shrug* I guess it isn't exactly for everyone. Hehe

Well well; I'll be off to the Grand Canyon at 6 in the am tomorrow. Looking forward to taking some great photos! Will be home soon. Lots to do; not exactly looking forward to starting work full swing again on the 11th. *shudder* That's the price you pay for running away. Time to face the music very soon.

Ive been keeping the epicurean in me busy as well. It's a gastronomic party each time! WOoHOO!
I am missing my rice and grains!
....A little tired of french fries and burger buns.
Desperate for something familiar, we walked into a Cantonese restaurant out of curiosity. Let me be the first to warn you; if you are a connoisseur, do not try it! Disregard the stars and the awards. Unless it's Panda Express you're used to; walk away from the unnecessary fortune for a cup of chinese tea and a bowl of fragrant jasmine rice.
The seafood looked great and the service was more than extrodinary. Unfortuntely, that was all that it was.
Have french food and pastries instead! MmMm...It is pretty obvious how my blog isn't exactly a foodblog filled with restaurant reviews, and I'm not the type to be all out giving restaurants a hard time. But if you would like my opinion on where you should be spending your lavish dinner savings on; I'd say.. Le Cirque (The Bellagio). Of course; that's just a recommendation based on my personal taste and my family's one-time experience, I'm sure there are many more great places to eat here in Vegas. Just look at the number of celebrity chefs who have planted their trademarks on this thriving party destination! People come to Vegas to spend! *grin*
Where else will you find a list of culinary superstars all in one place! Daniel Boulud, Thomas Keller, Mario Battali, Wolfgang puck, Joel Robuchon, Emeril Lagasse, Micheal Mina, Hubert Keller, Alex Stratta, Guy Savoy... the list never ends...

Peace out?


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! You've been to Vegas!!! Oohh...how I wish I could see the city with my own two eyes...someday. ;)- phia

Unknown said...

Doesn't vacation make life worth living? Su's vacation post makes my day!

Family First said...

Wow! Vegas! Dont think I will ever have the luxury to step foot on US soil for a long long time to come lah! Lucky you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,

Stumbled upon your blog...and wow! I love the pics =) I'm not too sure if you've blogged abt the kind of camera you use, but do you mind sharing the info? The pics are awesome!


Thy Thy said...

wow, lucky you, so many koo foods! but there a fake Fontana di trevi in Las Vegas? i didnt know that, haha! :)

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

yay for vacation! hehe now ive returned 10 times more exhausted. Hehe was actually there partly for work; family had a convention to go to.
ANyhow; im home now.. getting busy all over again' trying to relieve myself off of the jetlag all over again.


Pearl said...

great depth of field in Starbucks. Fun photos. I noticed pastry shops in my neighourhood have started putting up signs saying: no cameras please.