January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

It's the beginning of a new year.
Most people think of it as a milestone; a day to commit new resolutions... I suppose it is a significant excuse to allow yourself a clean slate to start over.
As for Su; new years day is just a change in the number ending 200-?-. Every morning is a new beginning to something different. Of course the 31st of December makes good reason to party and an excuse to get together under fireworks, reminiscing about the post 365 days.
With the holiday seasons all bundled up real close to the last couple of months; Malaysians have been in the mood for celebrations of many sorts. That often includes the need for delectable cakes and other yummy things! *grin* That's where I come in.
As business begins to pick up; I've been braving myself for the reality of growth. Growth? well; it's getting to be a lot more than I can handle at this point; I'm sure some may have noticed from the delayed frequency of email responses to readers and inquiries. It's getting a little bit overwhelming to have my mind work in a million directions. I do acknowledge all of it as a positive challenge; it's just a foot out the door for what I intend to do with Delectable.. I can't let that energy die down! *grin* It's going to take a lot more to wear me out! hehe
2009 will be about embracing challenges and new adventures. I can foresee it without the help of clairvoyance. *laughs*
I was greeted with a few very pleasant surprises in these last couple of months to help boost me to my next 365 days.
A big thanks to ..
Victoria (grace silverline); Winnie and crew (blu inc).Mr and Mrs Er (Y3k publishing)
Siddal Lee ( Turner Entertainment; Cartoon network Asia)

It's been heaps of fun; I sincerely appreciate the many opportunities our collaborations have given me for the year ahead.

..Su signing off with lots of love and hugs!
It's going to be a tough 2009 for everyone; but we'll make it through with perseverance and diligence. WHo's with me!


Anonymous said...

I'M WITH YOU!!! - Phia

Nurainie Tan said...

All the best for 2009 Su! Keep growing!

Anonymous said...

Hello Su,

Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2009! You've come a long way since you started to follow your dream! I'm happy for your success! Keep up your good work, and all the best!

Jen of www.cakesplace.com

ps. love your work and the blog!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Su. I have been a silent follower of your BLOG for some time. Great to see your development. Great job with your cakes etc.....



Anonymous said...

Su...wish u a fulfilling year a head...keep up inventing and guess what, let see if those pliagarist can cop with u..

I'm a fan of your blogs and really enjoy reading them...

BTW, u r such a sweet ad beautful girl, u r...!

Anonymous said...

Hey Su! Congrats to your website Delectable!!!It's nice, simple ang made with passion...Keep up the good work!!! Again Congrats! - Phia

Anonymous said...

I am with you! Go SU! A very Happy 2009 to you and your loved ones! :D

speghetti said...

Hello Su,

I love your blog. Your pictures and your cakes look great. Keep it up!

All the best in for this new year!

Anonymous said...

hi su,
really love ur creations...i am so envy of u...u're so creative and good at ur fingers ;)
keep it up!
btw, wat magazine is tat tat hav ur step by step pics?..can i get it in spore?


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hi guys! Im sure everyone is as enthusiastic about 2009 as i am. If you aren't; you should be! hehehe
optimism. It's always a good idea.