October 12, 2008

A Book about Malaysia.

In conjunction with our country's 51st National day celebration; 50+1 Malaysia was published. It's a book about the sights and sounds of Malaysia... its people and its culture. Such incredible diversity maneuvered intelligently into a little compact booklet to enlighten visitors and guests from abroad about the Malaysia we all hold close to our hearts.
Quachee did and amazing job capturing the essence of our country by compiling excellent photographs, interviews and written material from famous Malaysian faces and the locals as well.
I'm so very proud to have participated in this very meaningful project of his.
Share your love for Malaysia! Gift a book to a foreign friend. :)

**On a random note...
I did something brave yesterday...
**Snip**... **snip**..... !!!!!
Su's the type to always have the SAME hairstyle... generally a 'safe' one being the preference.

OH WHAT have I DONE!!!...
haha it'll grow back i suppose. For now; i'll be walking around looking like im 12.


pingmouse said...

hehe cute hairstyle there SuYin :)

Linie said...

how do you write words on a cupcake..
share it please... very curious..
impressed with your crafties, really proud of it

Anonymous said...

hi su,

i got recommended to ur site by ashwini, if u remember ur hometown friend from ipoh.anyways, im her flat mate in melbourne and i'm wondering how do i get contact with u to get u to bake cakes for my family and friends back home. do u do delivery?? wats the pricing like for ur cakes etc. thanks.


Family First said...

You look just great!

Hany said...

hey su! i just met your teacher, Chef Ewald, today. i told him that i'm a follower of your blog. he said to say hi to you! ^_^ he is just as awesome as you described him.

Jennyvi said...

hehehe! what a kiddie hairstyle, su! yah, malaysia is truly a great place and the foooood i'm loving! :D

Little Monster said...

Nice hairstyle. Very retro. Maybe you can use eyeliner and red lipstick to complete the retro look. And congrats on getting published.

Unknown said...

congrats su!

CD 2 said...

Hi Su,

Been stalking your blog for a few months now, Im sure you've heard this many times but you are one awesome TALENTED girl, cooking has always been a hobby of mine, but I could never be as talented as you are(just aspire to :>)Im from Sydney as well..wish you where here, we would of gotten on really well! ><


Anonymous said...

Just when I thought you couldn't get any cuter...you do this! Looks super cute!

Anonymous said...

i love your new hairstyle! it's greeeat!

Anonymous said...

I think the bangs make u look super stylish and chic!

:) And OMG, the shoes you made; exquisite, at first I thought they were real shoes!

The Goenners said...

No, no no, Su-Bee. give it a short while and the bangs will be long enough to sweep to one side. I did the same thing and it looks great paired with a pretty headband!
Try brushing them to the side while your hair is still damp and tie a bandana around them. Then when it dries they look like side-swept bangs rather than 'Something about Mary" bangs. :o) Man, I just did some henna work on myself and I really need you to freakin' fix it.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

Hey everyone!
Always nice to hear from you. hehe
I'm still not used to the bangs. I get shocked everytime i look at reflection! haha Kids keep staring at me wondering why i never grew up.

Linie: I use a paintbrush and gel colouring for food.

Rita: do write me at suyin.cookingismypassion@gmail.com
I'll be able to answer your questions.

hany: thats very cool! will definitely write him an email :)

cd: thanks dear :) really appreciate the support.

nikki: Darling I miss you SOO MucH!!!! hehe im not sure people in malaysia are into bandanas...but ill try! hehe i need it to grow longer a little more