September 20, 2008

Waste not.

Cake scraps are worth more than their reputation as 'shavings'.Here's a little recipe I thought i'd share with cake decorators out there. I'm sure some of you regulars have already been making these for some time now.

5 cups cake crumbs (preferably chocolate)
1/2 cup cream
100gms dark/bittersweet chocolate (chopped into large chunks)
1 tbsp instant coffee(opt)

Heat the cream in a microwavable bowl for 60 seconds or more. Throw in the chocolate chunks and stir till you create an even mixture. Pour this into the cake crumbs and mix about to it create a sticky dough-like paste. Refrigerate it till its workable. Mould them into tiny bite sized pieces and coat with coating chocolate/tempered couverture of your choice.
Leave them to dry on a parchment of even skewer them to make pops. It's really up to you.

I'd like to apologize if I've offended anyone in my previous post about plagiarism. I seem to have angered a few people unintentionally. My words were not directed to individuals in particular; or cake decorators in anyway. It was just something I've been thinking about in the past couple of months. It's not so much me shouting hate at the world of cake; but more so my attempt to heed advice of others who have been in the industry for longer than I have.
My pictures and recipes from the past are here to stay, but as I move forward with where my career is headed, I do realize a fair bit of professionalism will be necessary. The young girl from university isn't cooking from her tiny apartment kitchen any longer. She's moved on to bigger things.

This is what the trouble is when your blog is made a journal; haha I can't seem to speak my mind without having hate-mail greeting me in the morning. A friend of mine reminded me that " That's how you know you're a superstar". I'd like to think that he's right.


Anonymous said...

I'm the first to comment this post...Yippie....I'm 16 and My name is Olivia Caitlin Fernando, my mom and her collegues love your blog...Just wanted to tell you that I love how you decorate your pretty cupcakes...will, try your recipes soon...oC

Anonymous said...

Fabulous recipe! And don't worry about the hate emails and comments, they are just jealous. You are right in addressing the plagiarism issue. It is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. And your audiences should respect and understand where you are coming from :)

Anonymous said...'s another idea, if you don't want your design copied, you should not post it here, since you're so famous, just make it as your special portfolio for your special cake shop or sumthing like that(sorry for all su yin fans,i know it would be too bad, since i also her fans and I love to see her creations as well but we have to be fair too)
BTW, you should not worry so much, as i have said long time ago, you have your own character..
for me, you're a very talented baker, in your age, making cake like a pro!gosh wish i could have half of your imaginations and your skill!
p.s:believe in what your friend said, " you are a super star"

Anonymous said...

hi there. i love ur blog. but i personally prefer the old format where it's easier to find recipes! dont worry bout plagarism and the stealing of ideas though.

be honored that ppl are copyin, and when ppl do copy, get creative! that's what keeps businesses going! :) smile!

CC said...

Su Yin, first off I LOVE your watermark. Very classy. Second, this blog is a journal, and you should be ale to say what you feel. It's what a journal is for. Chin up, your fans are here to stay. And like your friend said you ARE a Superstar. :D Take care.

Anonymous said...

They may be able to copy your cakes, but they will never attain the same creativity and ingenuity that you have. This is just more proof that the world loves your cakes.

Chef C said...

Su-yin, why worry about plagirism? As they say, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"!

If i were you, i will continue to outdo my own creation each time I make something new. Copycats will have a hard time plagirising and keeping up. Let the plagirists be a source of inspiration. Feed on each other's inspirations. Do not be held back by worries that someone might just copy your creations. For nothing really in this world is purely innovative. It's about improvisations mostly. Let them copy, and you move on to something even grander. Its called progress!

Anonymous said...

Dear Su... im a regular reader of ur journal... all I have to say to u is: Keep it up!!


Reign said...

I don't even remember how I chanced upon your blog, but I'm sure glad I did. Now, it's permanently in my bookmarks, and I check out your blog on a regular basis. Not only are you talented in the kitchen, but your pictures are to die for as well!

I normally wouldn't post, but I read your recent post about plagiarism... please don't let that get you down. Just know there's tons of us who truly are in awe of your talents! Duff of Ace of Cakes has nothing on you. ;)

Unknown said...

you do really inspire. i'm sure i have told you more than once. growing up is difficult..i am at that point too. i'm about to graduate, find a job, plan a wedding, etc. sometimes you have to do things for yourself. so you do what you have to do and we'll all be here to support you b/c you make the cutest creatures ever!!!!!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

hi guys; sorry about the late reply... been so busy packing up for Australia. so caught up with everything. :(
Life hasn't been going well for Su.
thanks again for the comments. I truly appreciate all the kind gestures of everyone. I'm looking forward to better days when i'm more inspired to write.

Much love;

Anonymous said...

Hey,I love your blog...just came by here and love your creations. I have heard about pic stealing from other bloggers too. Its good that your watermarking your pics now. Even I started doing that after one of my friends pic was found in another website. Wish you all the best in the future :) But I do hope to see atleast some of your creations in the future because I love the way you dress up your cakes :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE love love everything you do! Tried this recipe yesterday, and they were fantastic. Just wondering though; what did you use to coat the pieces? I just used melted chocolate, but I think next time I will temper it, as I wasn't satisfied with my results.
Keep up all the fantastic work, you are truly talented! :)