September 3, 2008

To Bake.

.... something other than cake.

Su baked pies this weekend.
Because it's aunt See's birthday and she loves apple pies.
Baking cake over cake can get a little monotonous for me. It's nice to throw something different in the oven occasionally.
These were tiny little African apples.
The reds were juicy and sweet; the greens were tart and deliciously crunchy. I wonder what variety these are. Both of them peeled and diced together made a nice balance of flavour and texture. It's always a smart idea to mix varieties of apples in your pie.It was one of those days where I had my chance to dig my hands into moms tools back home in her kitchen. It definitely wasn't similar to making pie crust in pastry school. We had no pastry flour; no air conditioning to keep the butter from melting; and no coarse kosher weigh scale; no pie rings.. ahh.. it still was pie; but it wasn't good pie pastry like it should be.
I would have the recipe up; but I wouldn't want to disappoint anyone.
It was something I threw together in the morning by eye just before we had lunch with the family. I wanted it in time for dessert. Pies are only good piping hot and saucy inside. Nobody likes soggy cold crusts.
These were a few miniature pot pies i made which were conveniently overturned onto serving platters. It's handy when you have more than a handful to feed and little time to roll pastry.

I kinda miss the way I used to have long write ups about every thing I'm up to.
The only hours I can allocate to blogging is at wee hours in the night..and boy; it really is hard to be enthusiastic when I'm falling asleep between lines. The whole deal of working hours on end everyday is really beginning to take a toll on me. I know the start up is the hardest period of my business plans; but Su's burning the candle at two ends... I'm trying to be actively outdoors without my hands permanently attached to all things cake. Trying to be out; having fun; seeing my friends; playing badminton...and still have crazy working hours. I've still got abit more youth in me I intend to savour. I hope this pays off eventually. I know it will. I just really hope it will soon enough before sweat turns into tears! *laughs* Well; happy tears are always welcome.

Will have more good photos of cupcakes up tomorrow! My best Ipoh customer is keeping me on my toes! *giggle* She's awesome!


Chef C said...

Su, persistence pays. not many people are pursuing their passions/interests like you are now, and many are vicariously living their cooking passion through your works and writings. would love to see you succeed in a big way in this business venture! and then share your trials and tribulations with the world, so that we all can learn from it! Go girl!

Alienstargurlz said...

oh i hope we get to see Zen's cupcakes? =P

Dalia said...

Hi Su Yin, I'm from Venezuela and I love to see you photos are so cute!!!
Is a good idea the mini tarte tatin, i will try them...Dalia

Anonymous said...

looks yummylicious! am hungry!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

chef c: thanks girl :) love what youve done with your blog too. Thanks for the support <3

kimloke: hehe did you like em?

Dalia: hey there; wow...all the way from venezuela haha thanks dear.

kiran: hehe.. it was good pie

tomate said...


I like the tarte tatin !

I'm like apple pie.
But be careful : the choice of the species apple is very important .
In France, we are :
-ROYAL GALA is a famous specie for make an apple pie.
- SAVAGE APPLE in my land, in the campaign. In automn, i go with my bag in "osier" to take these apples...HUMMMM !!! CROC ! CROC! delicious to eat.... and juice ... TASTING..... I LIKE THIS SAVAGE APPLE WITHIN POISON LIKE THE SPECIES COMMERCIALIZED IN SUPERMARKET...

Anonymous said...

Su-bee, I am lovin' the cupcakes and figurines! Your mom is doing a great job. I am so proud of you. Now make cake to celebrate the Large Hadron Collider, be sure to include a black hole. Love you.