September 7, 2008

Room for Improvement.

A few things are going to change in this journal of mine.
I can't abandon it completely... and start fresh...I love it too much. I owe everything I've become to the beginning of this ridiculous public display of affection for food.
It's layout; photographs and context aren't exactly reflective of my personal touch in this point of my life. Why do I still blog the same way? *shrug* it's what works and it's the lazy way out.
I've made plans to overhaul and restructure this little 3 year old baby. It's going to get a pretty little makeover.
.... ahhh more hours of coding design headache for me. *pout*

I've been inspired my many talented bloggers out there who have far exceeded my expectations of what a blog could be. I'm left jealous and in awe.

Su's growing up; and so should her journal.

**p.s: will anyone go nuts if my silly little student recipes get taken off the lists? Haha i know many come back for Malaysian recipes and quick food tips from my university days.. I'll have to derive a way to keep all cake; recipe; and cupcake lovers happy.


Anonymous said...


Don't change the way you are.
Don't grow up.
Don't erase your past.

=( please never forget your origins and where you've come from.

Things are moving fast for you these days and I've already seen how quickly everything is developing... maybe at times it's a little scary to have so many things to change so quickly that you want to pretend the past never happened and start anew...
Your past is why you are here today, the curiosity, the wonder, the creativity, and all that silliness...

Don't erase the past =(

Condense everything into one folder as past events or something :(

I hope this verbose post is enough to show you, YES SOMEONE WILL GO NUTS IF YOU ERASED EVERYTHING ;_;!

For my sake!

spongejoc said...

You can take them off the lists, but please keep them accessible, i.e. linked somewhere at least!

Anonymous said...

No pls dont do that! Don't take off E recipes :(

cupcakesordeath said...

Hi Su Yin, I adore your blog, you're on my blog roll :)
I think it's great the way it is now but hmm, perhaps it's time for something greater.
And oh, Happy Mooncake Festival!

Anonymous said...

wow! great Su! can't wait to have a look at the make-over results..good luck!

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad i'm not the only feeling the same way....

pweeeassseee don't take away the recipes!!!! it's thru them i stumbled onto your blog and have been hooked on since.

sob sob. don't take them off. do keep them accesible on another site or something. =)

please and thank you.
your blog makes me smile all the time. teehehehe....

deannalee said...

hi su, i like the way you are...but then life moves on and so are u..loving su means letting her to be who she is change might be inevitable. will still be faithful to yr blog!

Iced Nyior said...

dont take out the recipes! :(

or at least, let me copy them first. lol

Family First said...

Great idea to move but would be nice to still have a link somewhere to the old recipes *smile*

Anonymous said...

please keep the asian recipes - i like using them.

The Caffeine Lady said...

Hey Su-- First time commentor, long time reader.

I love your recipes-- please leave them where they are! You'd be surprised how much it keeps us fed! Of course, you're a cake decorateur first and foremost, but I think cooking and food in general is your passion, like the blog name says. :) Balance is never a bad thing!

Anonymous said...

i love your recipes a lottt..

even use some of them during parties.. adore how you organise the tea parties..etc.

pls dun delete them off. =(

Ali said...

heyyy, I'm still a silly student so I need silly student recipes!!

Anonymous said...

Your silly student recipes are half the reason iI read the blog!! Keep them please! Of course I will read it if they are gone, but a lot of your readers are young folks (like me!) that like to see a simple recipe with easy to find ingredients.

Your recipes are definitely not silly at all..they are very practical!!


Anonymous said...

of course you MUST keep your recipes!!


Anonymous said...

A very philosophical dilemma...embrace your 'silly student recipes'!!! Greatness is inspiring when you know where it started ;) I remember when I thought $2 for 20 hamburgers from Franklins were a great invention (and spawned my recipe collection 101 ways with hamburger patties), unfortunately my pants size didn't agree.
By the way, interested to know how Notter has influenced you now- technique, planning, methods??

ashieBee said...

noooo, pls dont take away the recipes. hehehee. looking forward to your baby's new look :))

Anonymous said...

no su no su..dont erase them. I have not try all your great recipes yet!! *mad*

Anonymous said...

haha yes silent reader here!
;] I've been reading back and back to the very beginning!!
keep them PLEASE!!
=)i love your recipes! ;]
i made the korean potato noodles thing the other day!!
my mum LOVED it! ;] she even went out and bought another packet of korean noodles the next day!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

kay kay... calm down folks; i've been reformating; but nothing's being deleted alright. haha I've archived them into separate pages so it's more easily organized in future. Try clicking on the buttons 'aust' for student meals and the sort 'america' for pastry school... I <3 malaysia for my recipes and local travels.
It's good for now.. I like this better. It's not much prettier; but much neater. ;)

Unknown said...

plse plse plse plse DON'T remove your past recipes/posts... my friends and i are international students in melbourne and we use ur recipes as a guide to almost all our makan sessions!!!


so yeah.. please don't take off anything.. where would we get guidance from then?!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

shirley...the recipes are still here! haha. its on the side bar under "sydney australia" click on the kangaroo. ;)

Anonymous said...

ahhh *sighs with relief*

Dee baker said...

Thanks Su for keeping the recipes!!! *big wide grin*

I am a silent but faithful reader of your blog. You are so talented and inspirational. Keep it up!!

Dee baker said...

Oh yes and most of all, thank you so much for sharing!!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

haha not to worry guys.. ill always be here :) my recipes are here to stay.