July 18, 2008

Bake Me a Cake ! .... please?

Su has been pretty quiet the past 2 weeks.
Occasionally writing about fruit...and the simple sort....
...Ahh... blogger-sphere.. I miss thee.

So where has she been? Where has she been spreading all that love instead?
Well; Su's been pigging out on cake under the strong and comforting wings of the Strachwskys' at Bake Me a Cake; Altamonte. It's a ways worth for me to drive up to their bustling bakery every morning; but I still somehow seem to enthusiastically make it up there by noon. There really isn't much I'd rather be doing here in Orlando. It's Su's happy place!
Let me first introduce you to the very important crew of this heavenly place filled with all things sweet; delightful and fun!

Alex Strachwsky- Resident Baker
  • The handsome and humorous leader of the pack.
  • A pleasure to be in his incredibly joyful company.
  • Pulls out mouth watering cakes, cookies and breads in a flash.
  • Bakes indulgent and crisp croissants filled with delicious combinations.
  • Extremely talented former architect.
  • An amazing chef, parent and husband.
  • Makes killer spaghetti and meatballs for dinner!
  • Loves to feed Su; telling her how she never eats anything.
  • Occasionally craves German cuisine.

Mercedes Strachwsky - Artist and Decorator
  • Her work is mind blowing. Out of this world. Indescribable. Pure genius.
  • She is Immensely talented, artistic and creative.
  • Cultured, well traveled and has great taste.
  • Gives the most welcoming and comforting hugs ever imaginable
  • So very sweet, sincere and heart warming to be around. Like an angel with beautiful CAKES! :D
  • Giving and generous with knowledge and support;
  • A perfectionist; in such a pleasant way.
  • My idol and mentor
  • My master of cake-istry *grin*
David Strachwsky - so much more than just a 'Manager'
  • Manages finance, customer service, employment, payroll... and all other boring stuff
  • Unfortunately filing and paperwork isn't exactly his cup of tea.
  • Resident errand runner, handy man and rice crispy/Styrofoam sculpter
  • Invents cool new gadgetry from scraps occasionally. Extremely creative and innovative. Is genius just like Mom.
  • Has the ability and confidence to fix up almost everything.
  • Has great taste and a critical eye.
  • Extremely thoughtful, ambitious and inspiring.
  • Su's favourite bakery 'hang out' friend.
  • Makes a killer mango slushie!
  • Likes beef jerky - gross...

Michael Strachwsky - Baby of the Bakery.
  • Funny man Michael is always around to make everyone smile
  • Makes me laugh like no other.
  • Loves to string silly never ending questions which I love making up never ending replies for.
  • Pulls out random tricks and stunts to brighten us tired ones up.
  • Will wear a cow suit for a free meal.
  • Looks great in a collared shirt
  • Incredibly sociable and pleasant to be around.
  • Sings in a play as one of the 3 Musketeers!
  • Is proud of his cool new i phone which he stood 6 hours in line for. *tsk tsk*
Kelsey - A piping bag full of fun!
  • The beautiful and talented pastry chef of Bake Me a Cake.
  • Makes delicious goodies for the shelves early in the day.
  • Retiring dancer.
  • Has a puppy thats afraid of being in a storm alone.
  • Excellent artist.
  • Loves to get creative with petit fours and cookies.
  • Bakes with a passion.
  • Young, energetic and bubbly! Yay~

Maria - Resident Sweetheart
  • Soft spoken, kind and gentle.
  • I love Maria. She is always so pleasant.
  • Does excellent work on fondant cakes.
  • Incredibly skillful handy work and pays great attention to detail.
  • She really does has a big big heart.
Unfortunately I have not had the opportunity to hang out more with the rest of the Bake Me A Cake crew such as Andy Strachwsky; the eldest of the 3. He rarely comes by the store; but I've heard lots about how good he is with math and technology. The other happy campers at the bakery such as Bianca and Aura and Dionny speak as much English as I do Spanish..which makes it a little harder for me to get to know them.
It's funny how I've been picking up many of Mercedes's funny ways from hanging out around here so often.
I'm slowly but surely becoming a hug-a-holic myself! I never voluntarily give out hugs but... recently; I can't say I've not hug-ed much! *laughs* I love how she calls her Alex; Pa-pi and says mi-amore (my love) when David or Michael comes through the door. It's just too sweet!... makes me miss my family too.
They've all been so kind to have me hang out at the Bakery and to learn the business that way. I love it so much. It's the best 7 days I've had in Orlando to date! I can't believe how much I've learnt in the past week. I can't be more grateful for all that they've taught me about the industry, the cakes, the business and myself. I'm more confident in my hopes and dreams now than I ever was before; and for that I can't thank them enough.

It didn't matter if my task for the day involved cutting out a million fondant donkeys, topping off countless cupcakes with sugar flowers or sticking itty bitty diamonds onto itty bitty places; I enjoyed myself thoroughly!They've brought me with them far and wide to deliver cakes to brides, buy equipment and lots of other fun stuff! It's been so awesome. So awesome that I'm at a loss for words. You know Su's running out of vocabulary or dumbfounded when she starts using words like 'awesome'. :P
Learning to do cakes with one of the best cake decorators in America really is something else! It's been a sneak preview of my life in 30 years... I want to be just like Mercedes, doing what she does best, loving every minute of it.I'm not exactly certain if cakes really are my forte; but I'm sure we will find out soon enough ....*fingers crossed*
With possibilities of branching out to chocolate sculptures, candies, pralines and the lot; it's really hard to say! I'm incredibly excited to return to Malaysia now on Monday. I'm ready. I owe it to the Strachwskys.
I'm going to miss them dearly... *tear*
Thanks Chef Mary for bringing me here. It's been an incredible experience.


Jennyvi said...

woah!!! look at those beautiful cakes! :D you sure had fun Su! well, maybe in the future when you have your own bakeshop, I'll definitely go to Malaysia and work for you! hahaha! wishful thinking i know. :P

Take Care, Su! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Su-Yin,
you know what. I've been going after your blog since end of last year. Had really impressed by your achievements and results. Glad that you had finally made it and going back to Malaysia. Hope that you can further pursue it hard once you're back! Keep the blog updated ok? WIll still support you....:) Btw, can I add your blog to my blog as well? Thanks.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

how does fondant taste like?
is it edible?

My Sweet & Saucy said...

What an amazing job! You are too lucky!

sitta said...

Hi Su. Wow.The cakes looks great, and you are so lucky to get a chance to learn from the best.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

jenny: i had the time of my life! it was an amazing experience. DO visit when youre in Malaysia though :)

jo:that is so incredibly sweet of you. THanks for all the support; sincerely appreciate it. I promise to keep blogging.. even if it KILLS me :P
it'll be an honor to be added to your blog roll

anonymous: of course darling anonymous. It taste like a chewy candy. Icing tootsie roll?

my sweet & saucy: I realize that... haha its crazy how lucky I get sometimes. They were so awesome.

sitta: it was an experience like no other! I couldn't imagine a better way to end my american chapter.

Unknown said...