December 6, 2007

AdoraBle lil fluFFs of Puppy Goodness!

Mom and I made a deal with an uncle who raises puppies for sale last weekend. His customers were coming down to collect the puppies the week after ...and we said we'd take care of the puppies for him till they get delivered. He was really worried that we wouldn't return them after we've played with them! *laughs* It's hard not to get attached to these toe nibbling babies; They ARE SO CUTE!

Having these little furry friends around has certainly helped me cheer me up when I need fluffy cuddles!
Many little things in life help make my day; including sunshine, little animals, freshly baked bread, a good crisp bowl of french fries, a breathtaking view of the blue sky and whipping up a quick *+ successful* batch of baked goodies in the oven :P
Su would be so very lost and depressed in an oven-less world of no tempting cakes, muffins or sugary-cookies!

These big streusel muffins really do help hit the spot for a coffee crave at mid-day. It's streusel tops are crisp; sugary and toasty! ...Goes deliciously well with the airy, light and moist centers of these delectable coffee infused muffins.

100gms walnuts crushed into big pieces
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
3 tsp strong dark coffee of your choice
1 tbsp boiling water
180gms soft butter
2 large eggs
2 cups self raising flour
¾ cup Milk

Combine the walnuts and ¼ brown sugar in a medium bowl. Combine the coffee and boiling water in a jug and stir till dissolved. Beat butter and remaining sugar with an electric beater till pale and fluffy; add in eggs one at a time beating well after each addition. Mix in coffee liquid. Fold in flour and milk alternately gently with a wooden spoon. Divide mixture into 6 large muffin moulds lined with paper or 5 1 cup capacity ramekins. Sprinkle on walnut+sugar mixture on top of cake batter and bake in preheated 180degree oven for 20-25 minutes; till skewer comes out clean.

Drizzle with syrup;
¾ caster sugar
½ cup water
1 tsp coffee

Dilute all ingredients in a heatproof jug.

I served mine with the muffin tops sliced off; a good drizzle of syrup on top and a scoop of ice cream to complete this delectable coffee walnut sandwich!



You make me hungry gurl

Anonymous said...

oh the puppies are so cute!!!!!



Anonymous said...

i'm wondering why you're not 500 lbs ;0)

Anonymous said...

Oh oh oh, how cute! They are so fluffy and little! Awwww, I am so jealous! :D

Katie @ A Byootaful Life

tri said...

hey su,
absolutely loving your work! but just a couple of questions that can't stop bugging me..

1) do you know where i can get paper ramekins in singapore or melbourne?
2) how do you manage to keep the top of your cupcakes flat? mine seems to always rise unevenly or "explode", which makes it really difficult to decorate!

would be great if you could help out!


sciopina said...

HI!Those puppies are simply gorgeous!
Your muffins look so delicious!
Bye Bye

SIG said...

Hey Su, I love your paper cups. They are so festive-looking. DO you get them from SYd? Where do you get your baking supplies from in SYd, if you don't mind me asking. TIA. Not sure if the first comment went through so this will be a repeat.

Anonymous said...

hi su! i was wondering where you bought your boxes from?? cake boxes and tiny chinese take away boxes...

please let me know :)

Anonymous said...

The cupcakes look delish, but I'm wondering what breed the puppies are! My sis-in-law has been vying for one, but she's not yet sure what breed she wants. These look perfect for her!


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

sorry bout the late reply of comments guys; the holiday season has gotten me all caught up with fun! haha
I've been putting on so much weight its not funny! HAHA everyone feels i should be doing something about it; and i time..LOL
trili: hmm.. im not sure; tried phoon huat? or buying online?
it really depends on the oven temperatures you back your cupcakes in and the rising from the center is also usually from the oven shelf height from the heat source or sometimes also just the recipe you're using. THe simple solution would be just to slice off the tops or use the tops in a dome shape to make it part of the decoration?

singairishgirl: actually mom bougght these cups; but i've seen them at peters of kensingotn in sydney :)

felix: hmm.. mine are all mixed breeds! haha even their parents are mixed; generally malaysians don't really keep pedigree breeds much. LOL

Camemberu said...

OMG, the puppies!!! They are so cute!

Oooh, sinful treat these muffins...I want those paper ramekins too!