October 17, 2007

*AAhHhh... Aaaaa...*SNeezE!!!*

I'm rarely ever ill... but when I am; it goes down real bad.
The thing I hate most about being sick is sleeping and resting. Everybody starts to say... you should rest!! Rest and get better! I hate it. I hate the feeling of my body being partially paralyzed with my throat the size of a baseball.
Sitting in my bed not being able to sleep drives me crazy! Not being able to drag myself out of it feels even worse! *laughs*
The only thing that has ever stood in the way of me and my beloved kitchen is work from Uni (assignments, tests, all other uni-ish evil things);
I still cook, to the the best of my abilities *laughs*.. using the simplest of recipes... with the least energy requirements. It's usually breakfast that I make; the rest of the meals are too demanding. Peanut butter is always on the list of ingredients when I'm ill. Peanut butter makes me happy. *giggle*
These were what I made for breakfast yesterday; and I had coincidentally received a comment from Brooke about recipes with nutella in it! *Yay~ It's your lucky day Brooke. :) This one's for you!..
It beats just having nutella spread over a slice of white bread.

4 slices of thick wholemeal/white bread
1 heaped spoon of smooth peanut butter
1 heaped spoon of nutella
3 eggs
1 tbsp milk
2 tsps brown sugar
1 tsp cinnamon

Sandwich 2 slices of bread each with the peanut butter, and the other with the nutella. Beat eggs and other ingredients in a large bowl and place sandwiched bread into the egg and leave to soak on both sides till half the egg mixture is gone. This will take at least 2 minutes on each side. Repeat with second sandwich. Pan fry both sandwiches on a non stick pan till fairly crisp on each side. Dish out; slice in half...
Watch it ooze brown and golden goodness... ahhh....
stack.... eat...

MmMMmmm.... So... good..
Well..it's back to going crazy on MSWord for me. *I hate assignments* Sigh.. I have more cakes coming up that I haven't had time to design yet... and not forgetting the high tea on Saturday! *yaY~ I'm really excited; and I've already received more bookings than I anticipated. I'm thinking of closing it early; so send me your details by before my pen strikes 30!!
Sigh* I better get well by tomorrow! *frown*


Ling's Passion said...

Hi Su,

I've been reading your blog regularly and I am amazed by your energy level. I am a full time working mum and though I like to bake, I find it difficult to make time for it. I take my hats off.....keep up the good work.

Tracy Tan said...

now, why didn't i think of putting nutella and peanut butter in btw breads and french toast it!

sounds delicious :)

and like ling's passion, i have been following your blog just so i can see your creations! they are amazing. wish i had the patience...

Chrissy said...

Hi Su

Looks like we're on the same french toast wave length! just made some over the raya weekend, but instead of nutella (which also sounds absolutely delicious!), I used cheese.


Selba said...

I bet the sandwich tasted really yummy!!! Peanut butter and Nutella... yummmm...

Get well soon!! *hand in a tissue*

Maya said...

Hey I do that too! But I like to hide cheese in between. So after frying, when you cut them the cheese oozes out. It's great.
Btw, I love your cake creations. You are so smart! Take care.....
: )

eiLeen said...

wow that looks sinful. hello! i just want to say i think u have the most beautiful creations. i love your blog

Anonymous said...

hi! that french toast sandwich is like what some of the coffee shops sell in hong kong. they put a piece of butter on top & give u a jug of maple syrup to pour over. but yours is much better can have it more often as its less sinful & the nutella idea is smashing.

get well soon!

marias23 said...

Feel better, dear. Even when you're sick, you make such wonderfully comforting stuff!

Anonymous said...


I'd rather this anytime than the lemang and rendang I've been having. Had an extra for you too ;) Trade you?

Anonymous said...

hey!! i made this yesterday afternoon and it was soooo good!! =] im making it again soon.. lol it turned out perfect.

Graeme said...

Ah, the healing abilities of Nutella. They recently started showing a new Nutella Ad on TV, touting it's health benefits due to each jar's 52 hazelnut content. Along with a glass of whole milk and calcium.

Oh how it would be nice to think it really is good for you, lol.

Nice melty shot, btw.

teckiee said...

Get well soon =)

iNeD.z / -z l2aNd0Mz-> said...

hey su....
keep up de gud work gal =)
love ur cooking =D

Hungry Hamster said...

OMG, that is soooo sinful, but I bet it's worth every bite! *slurp*

Anonymous said...

i was craving for some cinnamon rolls but couldnt find any and didnt have the patience to make them, using yeast and all. i read your blog and made some french toast, using raspberry jam as the filling and ooohhh... my cravings for cinnamon rolls, cured! ;)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

lings: aww thanks :)

tracy: its yummy! haha you have to try it it takes less than 15 inutes to make :P

chrissy: MmMmm... sounds good...cheese..haha

selba: its my favourite french toast filling combo! thanks for ze tissue~

maya: everyone seems to be doing the cheesething with their french toasts! Ive got to try this! LOL

eileen: thanks for the compliments eileen :)

m: yeaaahhhh Ive had those; they use thick toast white breads huh? Full of melted butter! So EVIL! LOL

maria: thanks dear!

anna: OMG>> LEMANG!! hahaha I miss it so much! LOL

brooke: its so easy huh? :Plol too easy tthats its evil :P

graeme: I missed ur comments :P LOL...Theyre doing it in australia too; I just saw an ad on tv showing how healthy nutella is; and how it gives energy for kids to grow :S... protien...carbs..they forgot the SUGAR and FAT!! hahaha..its so decieving

teckiee: thanks!! :)I'm better now..thanks to everyones well wishes :P

crappyboy: thanks thanks :)

hungryhamster: definitely :P I licked all the dripping bits HAHA

ming: glad I helped inspire ... now IM craving cinnamon rolls! hahaha

Anonymous said...

hey!! its me again.. on your 22nd birthday.. what kind of cupcakes did you put the nutella on? its my boyfriend's birthday and i want to bake him something yummy =]

Anonymous said...

Hey there.

I've just tried this recipe. Indeed a quick meal,i just took 10 mins to get it done and it tasted fabulous goooooooooood!! =D

Thanks for sharing!