September 5, 2007

I'm having such a great week...

Fully rested...attending every class at Uni religiously..;)
No lectures skipped so far! *laughs*
I'm having just the right amount of eye-shut..a satisfying medium paced schedule..the perfect amount of stress to keep me going...and a party to plan for this weekend!
Yay! Ample time for Su to play in her kitchen!... I love having time to bake for fun..and to make special treats for everyone at home. It's satisfying to know I'll be making something I don't usually have time to. And this week....I'm making heaps of those! *laughs*
Here's one I did yesterday..
To feed 3...I made 2 plates of at least 40 spring rolls! *laughs* We finished them though.. wasn't too difficult; they were yummy! hehe.I made shallow fried ones for myself..and oven baked some for my weight-conscious housemates.

I couldn't let myself miss out on beautifully crisp springrolls fried to golden perfection. *drool*
I guess it depends on personal preference...but I must comes with sacrifice...there is not perfect spring roll...without oil. *wink*

If you're not too fussy..and watching your weight..the baked ones will probably make your day ;)

500gms minced meat (I used pork)
1 small bag beansprouts (approximately 200gms)
2 cakes bean thread noodle (available at asian grocery stores- similar to glass noodles)
3 cloves garlic chopped
4 stalks shallots fine chopped
1/2 cup meat stock( use stock cubes if you fresh stock is too much of a hassle)
2 tbsps sesame oil for stirfying
2 cups peanut oil (if you choose to shallow fry)
2 tbsp chinese cooking wine
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
2 tbsp light soy sauce
(chili flakes optional)
pepper to taste
1 pack spring rolls wrappers (50-60 sheets)

Soak bean thread noodles in oiling water for 15minutes. Drain and cut into short threads with a pair of sharp scissors.
Heat sesame oil in a deep pan. Saute garlic, noodles, minced meat, shallots and sauces on medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Add in stock and bean sprouts. Stir fry till sprouts are wilted and meat is cooked through. Remove from heat and set aside.
Lay out spring roll sheets and keep un-used sheets under a damp tea towel. Place filling in the center horizontally; fold one corner up to the center. Close in the side corners and roll up to form a cylinder.
Finish wrapping all of them and proceed with frying or baking.
Frying: Shallow fry in hot oil for 2-3 minutes till golden and crisp; constantly flip them around to brown evenly.
Baking: Bake in preheated 180degree oven on the top shelf for 18-20 minutes till edges begin to brown. flip them over and brown the other side.

These are best eaten hot out of the oven/wok. Unfortunately; they don't keep crisp for too long.


Anonymous said...

Wow Su-yin! i love spring rolls..just wondered how many hours you allocate in the kitchen out of your day?
I also bake, run my little cafe, run errands and sometimes feel that there's not enough hours in the day left...
just how do you do it?

ps: i'm also here everyday..hehehe

Ms-Ellisa said...

I'm definitely cooking this on Saturday...
It looks so delicious,that my stomach now is aching with hunger. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yummy. The spring rolls look so good. I want one. PS Your cakes always look wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Oh YUM! I love spring rolls - DEEP FRIED of course ;) I haven't had them for a while, maybe they might be good for lunch today... :P

Par said...

You are not only amazing in baking as well as cooking!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

chi2bear: Wow! hey! haha..well..i don't have much time in the kitchen anymore..but i still try to cook at least 4-5 times a week. It can get a little stressful when assignments and stuff are due.

ms-ellisa: how did it turn out?

anonymous: thanks! :) try them! they were real fun to make. Even more fun to eat :P

katie: were you going to make them? or get some from the chinese take out? :P

ilovepearly: thanks so much for your kind comment. real sweet of you :)

Anonymous said...

Sooo cool! Can't wait to try this!