September 19, 2007

Cupcakes for Fiona

She's sweet...
She's generous...
and deserves cupcakes on her birthday!Happy Birthday Fiona~
This petite, doll-like, Japanese loving, "Hong-kie" chick is one of my favourite girlfriends at Uni. She was so sweet to remember my birthday and gave me an adorable little turtle cellphone charm as a present! I told her I had cupcakes for her birthday in return; she said she'd like anything I made. * charming of her*.... *giggle*
*This is gonna be a short short post*
...Su's life beyond blogging has been taking over *tear*.... but fret not..
I have Ze~ cupcake recipe for all!~.. yay!

Chocolate cupcakes for everyone!
*recipe for 12 standard sized medium cupcake pans

60gms good quality cooking chocolate
125ml water
90gms softened butter
220g brown sugar
2 eggs
100gms self raising flour
2 tbsp cocoa powder
40gms almond meal

Melt chocolate and water in a microwave safe bowl with 30 second zaps on high; stirring occasionally till a smooth consistency is achieved. Should take 60 seconds. Beat butter, sugar and eggs in a large bowl till just combined. Fold in sifted flour and cocoa powder. Stir in chocolate mixture and almond meal. Mix till batter is well incorporated. Pour into cupcake pan lined with paper cases. Bake in 160 degree oven for 40-45 minutes or till skewer comes out clean when poked in the center.
Remove from oven; leave to cool before frosting.
My frosting was chocolate fudge (recipe coming up in later posts).... and the pink piped icing was some buttercream I had left over from another cake I was working on. (beat unsalted butter with icing sugar till smooth and creamy)*please excuse the confusing double colour tones in the photographs of the cupcakes and their frosting;
I had photographs taken; once at night..and some in the day time..*
I hate baking at night and taking photos with yellow lighting in the kitchen; but sometimes its just just difficult to work my schedule around it. *sigh*

Alright guys~ got to run!..
Catch ya guys tomorrow~


Anggie's Journal said...

Hi Su-Yin,
i m actually few time dropping by ur blog, but 1st time leaving u a comments.
I was so amazed with all ur cooking and baking skill, u're young, pretty and very talented .
I hope to learn up some baking , especially cup cake. Hope to learn from ur recipe .

Anonymous said...

hey su-yin!!!

i don't have almond meal, what can i substitute for it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Su-Yin,

I've been following your blog for months and have always been amazed by the stuff you came up with.
I have a question regarding the buttercream on top of your cupcakes. I've tried making buttercream two times but failed as I could never get the buttercream to be uniformly coloured. There would always be streaks of white in the buttercream no matter how long i mixed it. I have no idea what happened. May I ask what sort of colouring do you use for the buttercream. I used the icing colours from Wilton. Do you have any idea what happened? Please help. Many thanks in advance! :)

Anonymous said...

hi su yin, i've been reading your blog for months and months by now. Your cakes are extremely cute and pretty! If only I was still studying in Melbourne (grad 5 years ago!) .. I'd go to Sydney and order your cakes.

Btw did you take up baking classes or did you just happen to get your hands dirty one day and voila? Read your FAQ but it only states that you picked it up in 2006

Anonymous said...

Su-Yin! ^^

Thanks so much for your lovely & delicious cupcakes!!! I ate 3 on the day I received it already!! XD 2 for my parents, and I ate the remaining 2 on the next day hoho~ ^o^ I am so glad to have you as my friend!!


Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

anggie: thanks lots for your comment :) Hope to hear more from you soon!

anonymous: Hmm...unfortunately...other than hazelnut meal...or any other ground nuts, I don't believe other substitute would be good. Almond meal isnt too hard to find at local supermarkets

anonymous 2: Hmm... try mixing the colours in small batches. Instead of a whole recipe, colour the icing half or 1/3 at a time to your desired shade. at the end... mix all 3 portions together and beat to form a nice smooth shade. That trick usually works for me and my royal icing. Hope it'll be someting for you to try :)

jamie: wow~ thanks for leaving a comment. really appreciate it. Actually It was ur second guess. I happened to get my hands dirty one day! *laughs* I began cooking for myself when I moved to australia to study...and discovered I loved the oven more than my stove top! My stove top was an electric one too... *sigh* electric stove tops are good for nothing :P

fiona: :) I love you too...hee

Anonymous said...

Hi Su-Yin,

Can you post up the recipe for the chocolate fudge frosting for these cupcakes up? Thanks (: