September 10, 2007

Cheater's Ice cream cake

I'm a cheat. A big fat cheat..
I love the ingenious shortcuts I come up with! I dreamt this one up the night before my party...but I bet there are people out there who have had this little trick up their sleeves a long time. It's so obvious! too easy~
I wanted to have enough food for everyone...but didn't want to tire myself out too much for the party. I was also kinda worried about my birthday cake I laid out for everyone to frost their hearts out on. I made this cake as a back-up. Just in case the big cake became inedible *giggle*
Well... I received numerous requests for the recipe for this cake. So here it is!

Here's a good tip:
Yummy icecream + good quality cake = delicious ice cream cake!
So use the best you can find...
Also try to be vary of flavours if you're mixing them. I did a safe chocolate strawberry combo with whipped cream over the top. Try not to do a strawberry + durian and expect it to taste good. ;)

You'll need;

1 rectangular cake loaf of your choice (try not to pick one with a sponge texture; a rich mud cake like texture is perfect)
1 tub ice cream of your choice (2 different flavours if you like)
berries/fruit you would like to add (optional)
Whipped cream

Line a 9 inch cake time with cling wrap. Arrange the cake slices like so. Add in big spoonfuls of softened icecream. Do this is layers if you're using more than 1 flavour. Add ice cream all the way to the top. Place another layer of cling wrap on the top. Press gently with a flat surface to compress and freeze for at least 3-4 hours.
All this needs to be fairly quickly to stop icecream from melting. Use an air conditioned room if you're in hot+humid weather.
Top with berries/fruit....pipe on the whipped cream...serve!!

Now, isn't that easy? hehe..and we all thought icecream cakes were complicated *ppfft* :P

Here's a good idea for chocolate lovers who can't get enough.
Chocolate mud cake...cookies and cream icecream.... hot fudge topping ;)
*Omg...sounds so good I need a piece!* Might make that tomorrow~


Anonymous said...

My gawd. That's it. I love you. Period. I want to move to NSW and get horrendously fat, and I don't care a hoot. I don't care to be as slim as Shakira if Shakira have never tasted anything like what you have baked. Argh!

Mandy said...

that cake is so pretty! My mouth is salivating looking at it. I can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

marias23 said...

Happy belated birthday, girl! Even your shortcuts/cheats are decadently delicious! You are awesome!

Chivon said...

Awesome recipe! I'm a huge fan of your blog. Best of luck to you and for your business :)

Anonymous said...

thanks su yin! just one question, which is not obvious to do you invert the cake, and whats the purpose of the cling film?

Monique said...

This cake just sounds like the most wonderful (and quick & easy) idea! I'm not a fan of ice cream cake but can now make one without too much trouble (I think). Thanks for sharing and wish you a Happy Birthday!

Riesha said...

u r so cool!!!!!! thanx so much for the idea...planning to make them for my daughter's birthday. Been checking out your blog for quite a while n i have to admit..I'm a huge fan now. I've tried ur oatmeal cookies..luv them! It's suppose to be chewy right? u have a good recipe for a crispy oatmeal cookie? Been searching for one for quite a while. I'm planning to make a few batch for the coming Hari Raya Puasa.

Anonymous said...

haha..I thought it was too till you post it ... now I'm so disappointed ... not :) Great cake ! And great idea.

Anonymous said...

mmm icecream cake! happy birthday dude!

SIG said...

Happy belated birthday Su Yin. It's not my first time visiting your blog but first time commenting. You never fail to amaze me with your wonderful craft work. All the beautiful figurines that you make. Really amazing. Keep up the good work. I love your Malaysian cupcakes, they are really pretty and so well done. Very adorable. :)

"Joe" who is constantly craving said...

thats looks damn easy haha..didnt realise its really a block of ice-cream..disguises eh..nvr judge the book by its cover..

samshiki said...

Hi SuYin,
great invention! the cake looks so pretty. I have the same qn as chi chi bear... how to move the cake to the cake board?? I realise that i can bake but i am an utter failure when it comes to moving the cakes from the cake tin to the cake board...sigh

Anonymous said...

i luv the idea of serving nasi lemak in that popia skin ;-) very creative
it was grilled rite? not fried?

well that's not cheats, but merely a brilliant shortcut for better time saving he..he..

Anonymous said...

i stumbled upon ur blog after a friend recommended your it to me... and honestly, i think ure amazing.. i seriously do! it's like you have the touch of midas or something.. everything you touch, it turns to gold... i truly respect your patience in making your food/cake so utterly beautiful =) can't wait to learn more from you! thank u so much for sharing...


Anonymous said...

did you use pound cake?

Big Boys Oven said...

cool.... looks so creamy and refreshing.... I also doiy that way!!!


happy belated birthday. sorry for the late wish

yaya schmaya said...

hey suyin, this is awesome! but yea i hav d same question as chi chi bear:

how do you invert the cake, and whats the purpose of the cling wrap?

im thinking of baking one too! hehe so thanx for posting this! :)

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

gloria: we'll go to the gym together.. we can have cake; and still not be horrendous in any way :P

thanks everyone for the comments and words of encouragement. I'm sorry if I wasnt clear with the recipe. All I did was cover the bottom and sides of a springform cake tin with cling wrap (the type you would use to take cheesecakes out)
...I then let the icecream set....and flip out the bottom of the springform pan. I inverted the cake quickly onto a flat surface; lift off the clingwrap...and gently flipped it back with the right side up. Am I confusing everyone? *laughs*....its really not too difficult. As long as the icecream is set and sturdy; you'll be able to fiddle around wiht the cake it its form for a couple of minutes without it melting.
And can use pound cake if you like.

riesha: hiya...i'm happy the cookies worked well for you. I've not made crispy oatmeal cookies before; but if i do try...I'll have the recipe and my experiences with them up here :)

yaya: come my house :p i make for you :p heehehe

yatt: they were wanton wrappers ...I baked them :)

shrils: thanks for the encouragement...sincerely appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Su,
Instead of "Cheater's Ice cream cake"
you can call it "Cowboy Ice cream cake" Ask the chef in Australia they will know what does the word cowboy means.