July 1, 2007

So Jo's a big boy now...

Lil' baby faced; Jo turns 21.After celebrating my own 21st; I secretly feel a little bitter inside everytime someone turns 21! I really don't know what is it with me and my paranoia about growing up! *grin* :P

So what do we know about Jo?...Well...he's a B-boy; hence the big 'hip-hop' crowd turning up. There was a huge medley of friends of Jo's @ mine last Friday...we had the breakdancers, the friends back from high school, uni friends, the old time childhood friends...and new found friends. It was quite an interesting mix of cultures; it was fairly humorous to watch everyone interacting with each other....it went from Aussies to Japanese, to Malaysians, Koreans... Taiwanese.. Greek?.. Italian... Vietnamese; we even had an English guy pop-by~

Hmm...I guess his mix of friends represent alot of what Jo's true personality is. Always friendly and eager to learn....tad bit shy and so very lovable. We all love Jo...it's quite hard not to; Just look at the numbers which turned up to celebrate his big day! Nerdy Chemistry student by day....cool hip-hop'ish' breakdancer by night! How funny! :P

After my Uni exams on Wednesday; I had been busy preparing a huge b-boy themed cake for Jo..and a couple of things for his party we decided to have at ours.We had an alcoholic fountain going...
*MmMm*....so much chocolate...so much Lindt..
I can't thank my friends enough for this amazing gift I got for my 21st last year! I love this fountain! Everything turned out great; everyone was feed well and happy...we had many chilled beers + liquor for all and amazingly responsible and courteous drinkers *laughs* There was no mess/puking/violence after the party;... Thank god... * you would think that there would be @ a 21st...but I guess Jo's crowd isn't really the wild partying type.
I was pretty tired preparing food and the cake for the party but I got lots of help from Jo with the cleaning and his mom with some of the food. Her sushi and beetroot sandwiches were delicious!I wish the cake wasn't so painfully difficult to put together! *grrr*
It initially looked pretty easy to do on the design sketch I had..but as I began assembling the sugar pieces and structural elements together...I had a feeling i was in for many hours of stress. *laughs*It's so hard to make each piece structurally sound to stand and balance on its own. *possibly the most difficult cake I've done to date!
I had an upside-down b-boy with 4 skewers up his chest and one down his spine!! Most of the body pieces had to be made from polystyrene and legs from straw as they were too heavy to be made completely from sugar. I guess it was worth the many tormenting hours and days in the kitchen; everyone Ooo-ed and Aa-eed...I even had the birthday boy's favourite shirt to match his figurine on the cake!
If any one is wondering ....the floor design on the top is made to look like the b-boys training spot at Downing Centre; Liverpool St in the city. I was so glad everyone could tell it was...*laughs* the lil round sugar piece took me awhile to do.After our candle blowing session and cake cutting...i took my masterpiece apart. *sniff*
The boys were trying to save their little favourite characters on the cake. Some even took them home with them! We all had some cake to eat...and the party went on till late. *sigh* a little too late if you ask me. I'm exhausted still. I had a cake order for the night after...and was glad there wasn't much to do after the party.
I'm free now...for a day at least..*laughs* I went out shopping..the sales are on in Sydney; got a shirt for dad...out to a nice dinner soon. Hmmm..cake's again tomorrow..and more truffles the day after. Right now... I am embracing my 'nothing-to-do-ness'

My belly is telling me I should be at the Gym...I'm telling it to be quiet! *laughs*; at least till tomorrow :P

** Party photographs courtesy of Jeffrey Kim
(Thanks so much Jeff for taking the photos...my chocolate covered fingers weren't exactly camera friendly ;)


Danis Kool said...

Wah!!!! Such a DOPE cake!!!! WELL DONE!!!

Would of loved it to seen it live haha!!


d. said...

you're so amazingly talented!:)

Anonymous said...

Hey Su, I came across your blog a while ago and just wanted to say that your cakes are amazing! How on earth did you learn to design them? P.S. coincidentally I am going out with a Bboy (Baba) so I have recognised a few of the faces in photos.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

danis: yea...you missed out on the food :P hehe~

d: aww...thanks *blush*

sez: wow~ nice to hear from you, what a coincidence :)...I learnt to design cakes from books n the almighty Internet! *laughs* Would love to say hey one day :)

CandyLolly said...

Wow, especially love the bricks detail u've added to the cake, it's very Graffiti..