July 26, 2007

A beary cute couple!

I was in the mood for a fairly cheesey and cliche post title~ *giggle*
This cake was actually done a week ago...I've just had time to post pictures of it here.
It was meant for a couple celebrating their 2nd anniversary together. Suraj; who lives down the street from us, is a relative of Amrit; one of my housemates. Suraj decided to order a cake from me to surprise his girlfriend Nim who was visiting from Singapore. *pause*
Did that take you long to visualize? *laughs*
Anyway...I've heard rumours that Nim reads my blog *blush* and has been a fan of my cakes! I had to do them a good job! A cute one she would love at least!You can look at this design in a couple of perspectives;
1. Suraj's idea that the rope means shes trying to hold on to him
2. Nim's view that it's just *quote*"Bloody cute!"

I just thought it'd be a good idea to not have both bears next to each other on the top of the half sphere. So uninteresting...so un-Su *wink*
I was so tempted to add a turban onto the Suraj bear, but chicken-ed out on the idea in the end *laughs* I decided it'll probably ruin the cute-ness of it all.Here's a link to Nim's blog and her thoughts about the cake
Thanks Nim for the lovely comments :) Hope to meet you soon!


Archita D Logiana said...

Hi' nice to meeet you Su Yin my name is Acit
ow.. its so cute... i'm very happy meet yur blog it's so beutiful and inspiring..
By the way.. i'm a newbie in baking thing but i'll always learn ...

Anonymous said...

omg tat is just sooooo cute! man do you do delivery to Singapore? i wish to get one for myself!!! =D

btw i am the girl who sent you an email... looking forward to ya reply! =D

Anonymous said...

Your site is soooooo fab! My mum used to make novelty cakes just like yours - although she's too lazy now that we've all grown up :)

Anonymous said...

Awww....such cute & lovely bears. wouln't bear to eat them =)


Anonymous said...

I am amaze by your work.
The cakes looks soo good and cute!
Love every pictures you took!
If only I can bake...lol

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks for the positive remarks guys :) You're all too sweet.
all girls love cute and cuddly looking pink things huh? LOL

Nice pun Ma-li ;) hehehe

Ally said...

That has to be the CUTEST cake I've ever seen. If only my bf would get you to make a cake for me. Ahahha..

Anonymous said...

that is sooo..cute
obviously you have a pair of very skillfull n creative tangan lah ;-)