June 21, 2007

Stacking and Pouring

A technique I've been perfecting the past couple of weeks. I hate to feel I haven't been 'cooking'. It doesn't really matter that I don't have time to create massive cakes for sale; or just good ol' fashion dinners at home; I still like to feel like I'm 'making-food' *grin*
This includes buying pre-made 'ready-to-eat'; 'out-of-the-box' food and jazzing it up on my own. After-all the jazzy bits are still mine ;) hehee
I haven't eating well lately; my poor housemates haven't been either...*sigh* I guess this is what "FINAL" year at uni does to you. I can't wait till my exams are over next week. I'll be real busy preparing something special for both Friday...and Saturday! It's going to be awesome!
Back to the topic of my 'stacking and pouring'; here's a little something I came up with at lunch....it doesn't look like much; but I assure you, its the best 'pour and stack' I've done in awhile. *hmm...I must admit though, shortbread and vanilla custard is hard to beat! :P
I seldom take photos as I cook the past few weeks...but I'm glad I pulled out my camera for this one. It's real easy to make...and pre-baked chocolate meringue pieces aren't hard to scout from your local bakery/supermarket. Especially if you live in Australia. Woolworths has a great deal of 'ready-to-use' ingredients for 'stacking and pouring' ;)
unluckily for those who can't find any boxed meringues; I guess you could always bake your own. :P

1 punnet strawberries halved
1-2 tbsp's good quality jam (gauge this on your own; depending on how sweet you like things and how sweet your meringues are)
10-15 pieces of
pre-made chocolate meringue pieces
1/2 cup of pouring cream
2 big scoops of your favourite chocolate ice-cream (optional)

Mix the strawberries with jam and layer meringues; drizzle cream on the meringue pieces and top with berry mixture. Repeat until all is gone. Eat! This was good....but it was KilLEr good~ when I popped on the icecream. *hmmm*...fatness...
Gym sounds good...
....after my exams of course :P *procrastinate*


Anonymous said...

Looks so delicious, and has given me all kinds of unhealthy ideas. ;)

Dani said...

Hi! I found your blog around the internet, and I loved it, I started reading and I couldn't stop!

But this recipe looks so great! I love meringues.. Have you ever eaten Pavlova? that is really really great :)

coffeedreames said...

strawberries and blueberries - your favourite fruits cost a bomb here in Msia! odear. can't try those here. Substituting them with local fruits wouldnt really suit or look that good.

but bananas are cheap here though! pros n cons :)

Squishy said...

I am liking your blog very much!

Anonymous said...

sweetie, can i ask if your vanilla custard is fresh from a carton or made with custard powder?

i haven't had much luck in spore for the carton ones! lazy me!