March 30, 2007

My blog turns 1...

291 blog entries and 365 days I am..posting in my year old blog. Can barely accept how fast time flies when you're having fun.
I've had many things lined up for " "'s birthday celebration happening this Sunday; but uni work and other obligations have set me back quite abit.

My very first's been awhile...
My photography was hopeless (I blame my 2.0 megapixel camera), my editing was crap, recipes were simple but my way with words has still remained the same. Countless funny moments and memories I share with many who come and go; most of them involving mess-ups in the kitchen, endangering my life with sharp tools and typing up blog entries whislt under the influence of alcohol. *laughs*
Here are couple of quotes from my very first blog entries.

The beginning of my blog

This blog is dedicated to my love for food and
the culinary arts. I wouldnt call my "noob" cooking skills culinary arts..but
its certainly headed in that direction. I am an enthusiastic junior
chef-->yes wearing the apron does make me a chef *cheeky grin* still
missing the chef hat! Being bound to my uni lifestyle (mini budget and schedule)
i have very basic tools and ingredients, most of my concoctions i make from
common items at the local grocery store, or the 27/4 gas station down the
street! (when im desperate). Every now and then, i get to splurge on a few
extras like fresh berries and good quality chocolate (still desperate for a
proper pie dish!).I am the queen of improvising! I have to, i've done it for
years and i do it so well! Most of my recipes are derived from lil bit and
pieces of what i have available. I have always been good at craft and creating
"something" out of "nothing" and i dont see why I shouldnt apply that to cooking
*shrug* saves me a $$! hehe. I guess i have learnt most basics of cooking and I
have a good sense of flavour and taste. I love to eat; and i from that, sparked
my love for cooking.I have a long journey in pursuing this passion of mine, to
learn, to experience and to EAT! :P. (29th March 2006)

I compiled a few of my favourite pictures from a week ago to start off the blog. I guess this is where the idea of starting a blog came along, i began taking pictures of yummy looking food with my lil camera and wanted a journal to keep myself on track; see my progress...yadda..yadda. (29th March 2006) LINK

I wonder if there are anonymous readers who've stayed with me throughout the entire year. I remember a few individuals .... Mom, dad, sis, Ashibee, Kristen, Jess ...okay; I don't remember as many as I thought I did. >.< apologies if you havn't been mentioned.

It's a love hate relationship with this blog of mine. There are days where its the last thing I want to think about; and there are times when there isn't anything else I rather do than BLOG. It frustrates disappoints me...makes me proud and keeps me sane all at the same time. Juggling uni, holidays, cooking, casual jobs, cake orders, catering, *currently (magazine writing) has certainly pushed my blog's priority back a fair bit. If I had any sense. I would abandon this journal of mine. But of course, I have hardly any sense at all. ;)
plus.... I love you guys too much... :')
Thanks so much for all the support...Thanks for the 800-900 blog readers a day mark on my site meter and thanks for all your annoying questions. ;) They make my day *heee... XOXO
I'll be having something special on Sunday the 1st of April; to mark my 1 year anniversary. Something along the lines of a special cake for myself, some chatting and a live streaming broadcast of me in my kitchen. Drop-by to see what's cooking; and for those who have always wondered whats happened to that email in 2006 they've sent me; my dog probably ate it ;). Just kidding...I appreciate all that 'attention' clogging my mail box every morning.
Hope things work out this Sunday; will be up in the morning fixing it up. Can't wait!


Yan said...

you forgot me :(

heh :p

Anonymous said...

I'm expecting something incredibly magnificent! Can't wait to see what cake/food you create!


acaligurl said...

beautiful pictures and wonderful recipes, you do a fabulous job!!!
congrats on a year of blogging.
i enjoy your posts :)

ashieBee said...

happy 1st birthday to "the journal of a girl who loves to cook'!!!! many more to come probably??? hehehe :)

keep on writing babe....keep on posting recipes! you're doing great!!!!

have fun this sunday!!!


CeXiCeX said...

i heard that it's goona be a costume party... so i guess i'm goona come with my cheeeesssyyyy undies....woohooo~~~!!!

Brilynn said...

Congrats on a year!

calligator said...

happy 1st!
i've followed your blog for a while now even though i rarely post comments so keep it up!

Kristen Kai said... sweet. I can't believe you are a whole year old now. What a milestone. I love to read of all the fun things you make and do. Way to go kiddo! Drop by and say hi sometime. Love ya, Kristen!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your blog! =)
keep the posts coming! :D

Anonymous said...

dudeeee! congrats on your blog bday! definitely celebrate with something chocolatey

Anonymous said...

Happy 1st anniversary!

I'm a fan of ur blog and I drop by almost everyday.. Enjoyed reading ur entries.. pls keep them coming.. *thumbs up* =)


Anonymous said...

Hi.Suyin it has surely been a fast one year. When i first saw your blog i was glad because i realised that you have stop playing online games and doing something useful and creative. The support and comments from your friends are certainly of great encouragement. Hope you will continue and further develop your creative potential. You know that Pa, Ma, and Jeh is fully supportive of you. Happy 1st. year

Lex said...

and you forgot me too :P hehehe...
but HAPPY 1st Anniversary to your blog of course! I remember discovering your blog sometimes August last year... thanks to you, I actually found the guts to try out baking :) And thank you for your recipe... it's guaranteed to work! Thank you for linking up Projecthaveacookie too :) And keep the delicious entries coming in! hugs

Anonymous said...

happy 1st birthday to your blog!

liss said...

i drop by every now and then, not just because i have friends who know you (wei hon, kevin, amanda..) but also because i love food, and how you make it a whole load more interesting with your delicate cake sculptures, yummy pictures and little bits of yourself that shine through your writing. congrats, and cheers!

liss said...

p.s. mind if i link you?

Heart of Rachel said...

Happy Birthday to your blog. I've been coming here for several months now although I don't comment as much. You have a fabulous blog. Keep it up!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

yan: whoopz...don't worry; youre no.1 in my heart :) Lol

bureaucrat: thanks :)

acaligurl: oh yea! I remember you too!! XOXO

ashiebee: thanks! I can't believe uve still been sticking around Haha.

wesley: you are...cheezy..LOL...cheesy...

brilynn: OH My! My favourite canadian blogger! sorry bout forgetting to mention you; sigh* i left so many such a shit.

calligator: THanks :); Hope i'll be hearing more from you

kristen: xoxo...i will, i will :)

kid: I sure will~ hehe

chocolate suze: we went to chocolate haven, max brenners :P *drool* you home yet dear?

xueyun: wow...I'll try to keep the posts daily...ill try as hard as i can HAha...just to keep daily readers entertained. :P

family: online games have been a thing of the past after I discovered the kitchen :P haha...thanks for the support. THanks jie for the ingenius ideas!~

lex: youve been around forever! HAhaha...dont think it was from a year ago, but youve definitely been around for awhile. ahah...i appreciate your comments and suggestions. Love your great idea on the cookie project too! Hope to be hearing more from u~

jiahui: your name does ring a bell too...haha thanks for the birthday wish :)

liss: SUre sure! I'll be honoured to be linked~ haha...I don't think I've heard them talk about you lots...but your name does sound quite familiar. Thanks for the kind comments on my pictures and baking; would love to meet you one day. You're real pretty :P haha

heart of rachel: heyhey! thanks for the support...I'll try my best to keep this blog going for awhile. LOL.

Anonymous said...

i'm the 'quiet' reader who doesn't leave many comments. heh. maybe the next time you come to sg you can come grade my cookies/brownies? haha..

Nic said...

Hiya, your cake creations are too gorgeous. Do you accept orders? If yes, how do I get in touch with you? Nicole