March 13, 2007

I DO reply emails...

Just veryy...slowly... my tortoise pace. *laughs*

Your email requests and suggestions don't get thrown out as junk guys. I appreciate every single one of them. It's just hard sometimes to waddle through all of them right away. This one came in last OCTober...*i know..i know...I'm slack* I admit. *heee*
I'm not a fan of vegetarian meals. I've only had ONE vege burger all my life..and I admit; I pulled this recipe out of no where!~ *Laughs* I surprised myself when it tasted SOOoo much better than the vege burger I remember. I would make it again...definitely!

1/2 cup dry lentils +1 tsp salt
Cook lentils in 1 cup water in a small pot over small flames. Stir occasionally for 30-40 minutes until lentils turn 'pulpy'. Drain liquid wit a strainer. Set aside

3/4 cups breadcrumbs
1 large egg
1 tbsp chili flakes
2 tbsp lea+
perrins sauce
1 small carrot grated
3 cloves garlic chopped
1 small onion sliced into thin rings
salt and pepper to taste

Saute onions, carrot and garlic in a tiny swirl of olive oil till fragrant and cooked through. Add lentils and all other ingredients into a large bowl and mix well. Form mixture into 3 large balls with your palm. Flatten them slightly and pan fry on a non stick pan till brown and crisp on both sides.

Here are some tasty ideas to go with your vege burger patty;
  • Grilled eggplant slices (lightly salted with some seasalt)
  • Pan fried haloumi cheese slices (THIS IS A MUST!!! it's just SOOo good in burgers)
  • The usual greens + sliced tomatoes + etc
  • Use GOOD bread. My fav's are sourdough and turkish breads.
  • Grilled capsicum slices
  • mini omelettes or bulls eyes?
  • mayo; mustard
Pile it UP!~ *licks lips*


jismgor said...

whoa suyin, where u at unsw wearing a blue shirt on tuesday?!?!

Unknown said...

Hey does L&P have anchovies in it or something like that...? :)

Anonymous said...

my two cents worth...

L&P is made of anchovies. yum!

i reckon you can get a similar flavour with vegimite and paprika.

one of my favourite recipes (no kidding), is marinating chicken wings with vegimite (dilute it w water to make it easier to coat). roast in an oven.....yummmmmm.

Yan said...

I swear you must be reading my mind.

I have recently gone vego and I have BBQ to go to in a couple of weeks... was going to ask you for some good vegie BBQ food, lol.

Might make some of these and bring them there so I don't have to be stuffing myself stupid with salad :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Suyin,

This is WingYee from Singapore! *wave a big hello*

I am so happy to be able to find a veg burger recipe as my hubby is a vegetarian. The best vegetarian burger he loves is the one we had at Hard Rock Cafe in Bali. He also loves the potato croquette burger from Mos Burger.

I know 2 tbsp lea+perrins sauce is made of anchovies. Can I replace it with something else?

My greatest wish is to be able to re-create asian dishes without any use of any meat for my hubby. If you have any such recipes, I am definately looking forward to learning from you.

Btw, love your blog and all the lovely pics! ^_^

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

jismgor: wow...tthats is SCAry~ haha; I was...was at the gym and class in blue. Where did u spot me? I've had ppl come up to me around campus b4; it just freaks me out for a couple of seconds..haha...overwhelming.

elena: LOL stop picking on that lil 'non-veg' detail >.< Hahaha...I couldn't find a tastier substitute; but i guess soy sauce, or honey and mustard could work as well...I'm not sure really...I'm no pro wit vege burger patties. Thanks for the reminder :)

bureaucrat: thanks for the info :). Sounds like an intersting idea for substitute; not a big fan of v3egemite though >.< :P

yan: We lovee each other :P...why ARE you vegetarian? sigh* ran out of things to be? LOL.

Wingyee: Hey there! *big hug*; tanks for your very sweet comment. bureaucrat gave a real good tip for a substitute; or i guess you could experment with dried herbs or any of your hubby's favorite sauces. would love to hear how it turns out for you.

Jane said...

i'm a rather impatient person =], could I use canned lentils instead?

Anonymous said...

Okay..once make me salivate and drool and its an hour to lunch time hahahahaha

Unknown said...

I saw your latest mario cake which was featured on Digg, and have since spent several hours browsing backwards looking at all these recipes. You are awesome. Seriously. I'm generally vegetarian, so this particular entry looked especially enticing, but all of these dishes are just awesome. Your friends are very lucky people to get to enjoy your cooking.