December 9, 2006

Making more with less

I haven't been doing my weekly grocery shopping recently; and have been scrounging on the excess bits and pieces left in my fridge and pantry to get by.
Buying new ingredients and fresh vegetables would be wasteful as I will be leaving for home in about 2 days time. I wouldn't want get on that plane knowing that I have rotting vegetable and meat sitting in my freezer. *shudder*
I've been eating out for dinner very often lately; just as an excuse to catch up with old friends, meeting up with those I wouldn't be able to spend time with for awhile...It's a refreshing change. I'm glad I'm getting out more often, I've been exploring the magnificent Sydney at it's summer-time best, unveiling its great treasures, scenic coastal lines and discovering fresh dining experiences in and around the city.
I just wished I had more time to blog *cheeky grin* hehe...maybe when I'm back in Malaysia...I'll probably be spending more time just working with new ingredients in the kitchen and blogging more about my native cuisine. WHen it comes to Malaysian or Chinese cooking techniques, I seriously have got ALOT to learn.
Back to the topic of making the most out of what's left in my's what happened this morning.
1kg worth of minced pork, various cuts of vegetable and a large stalk of fresh coriander was used to create 2 very different dishes.
1 kg minced pork
1/2 carrot diced fine
1 onion diced fine
1/4 inch cube ginger crushed and diced fine
1 tbsp light soy sauce
1 tsp chili flakes
2 tsp ground white pepper
salt to taste

Mix all ingredients, cover with clingwrap, leave to sit in refrigerator to marinade for at least 2-3 hours. Overnight if possible.
I divided the portion of meat into 1/2 and used it in 2 separate recipes

Japanese Pork Gyozas
1/2 portion of meat mince
2 egg yolks
1 tbsp shaoxing wine

Wrap in ready-made dumpling (gyoza) wrappers(available at asian grocery stores). makes approx. 25 large gyoza's.
Pan-fry dumplings on medium heat with a light drizzle of sesame oil until base turns golden and crisp. Add 1 cup of water to pan and cover pan with a tight lid.
Allow to cook for another 3-4 minutes till dumpling skins are translucent and meat is cooked through.
Deep-fry them if you're craving a naughty snack ;). These can be frozen and kept for later as well.

Nem nuong (Vietnamese ground rice pork patties)
1 tbsp fish sauce
1/2 stalk lemon grass finely diced
3 tbsp uncooked fragrant jasmine rice (Pan fried till golden brown and ground into a fine powder)- I used a grinder..but a mortar and pestel will work fine as well2 tsp palm sugar

Mix ingredients well and form into 2 inch meat patties, skewer them with satay sticks and pop them on the barbie or a hot grill plate. Cook on both sides till fragrant and crisp. Serve with thai chilli dipping sauce.


Anonymous said...

Hi Su, the Vietnamese ground rice pork patties looks yummy. Just wondering, do you add in the meat filling with the ingredients you stated for this recipe?

Anonymous said...

These look delicious! Nice job.

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

thanks guys..
erm, jacelyn..the meat filling recipe was divided into 2 portions and incorporated with the rest of the separate ingrdients to make 2 different things, if that makes any sense..haha :S...