November 21, 2006

You know you're upset...

....when pretty things don't make you smile.Preparations for my exam on Friday has just been draggy. I've been told I'm the one of the many people with daily moods drastically affected by weather...We haven't had many beautiful days in Sydney...and I haven't been myself all week. Happy moments are a-plenty...but the darker moments are those that I've been dwelling on unnecessarily. I wish it would just go away! I wish people were less shallow and immature...I wish I had friends who loved me the way I loved them...and I wish everyone could see that my flaws make me who I am. But then again..I wish for many impossible things; I know for a fact that my oven rack is never going to clean itself If I don't get down and dirty doing it myself. *laughs*
Baking has always been therapeutic for me...but churning out unsuccessful batches of cakes and cookies (due to lack of concentration) has just been making things worse. These look very pretty...but pretty is about all they are. They didn't turn out tasting as expected, they weren't delicious....neither did they make me smile... unsuccessful; in my opinion.
Pretty is not all that matters.

Recipe: Gail Wagman; Cupcake Galore (pg 36)Yogurt cupcakes (The container = measuring cup for this recipe)
1 container yogurt (125 g)
2 containers castor sugar
3 eggs slightly beaten
1/2 container veg oil
3 containers plain flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla essence
Beat yogurt, sugar and eggs till well incorporated. Add in oil and beat till combined. ADd flour, baking powder and salt. Beat till smooth. Add flavoring/dried fruit/liquor/whatever else you desire. SPoon into 18 large cupcake cases and bake in preheated 180 degree oven for 25 minutes.
I frosted my cupcakes with a morrelo cherry cream cheese mixture (1/2 slab cream cheese; 3/4 cup icing sugar/1/4 cup morrelo cherries mashed).Would love to hear how everyone else goes with that recipe...don't be put off by my comments about "my" cupcakes. I'm sure the recipe from Gail is awesome...I got it straight from the book. I'm really bad with accuracy and proportion...I don't get why some would think anything made by me should/is"expected" to taste good....i'm no pro...seriously; I have a couple of secret recipes for cakes I sell which I'm confident with and have been tried and tested a GaZZilion times; but other than those ...i'm still just learning, like every other average young teenage girl.

My tiny cakes turned out a little too dense and bread-like....but then again; it could just be those dreadful clouds in the sky. *gloom*


Yan said...

I know one thing that'll make you smile.

Me dancing like a frog in a blender while completely off my face from too many Jagerbombs.

Actually, scrub 'smile'. You'll probably die laughing.

Mums, lock up your sons because we are hitting Melbourne!!!

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

OH YEAH BABY! *does a fUnkY MOVE* WOoOhOooo
I <3 yan...LOL

Anonymous said...

It could be the method of mixing. The dry ingredients-wet ingredients way always result in really dense cakes and muffins for me, which is really annoying.

Anonymous said...

always look on the bright side of life...tadum.. tadum.. tadum tadum tadum......

*whacks herself supposed to be studying*

Anonymous said...

cheer up su-yin,

happiness is not experienced. it is remembered . . . a wiser man (or woman ;p) than me once said.

life is not about the train stations. its about the train ride. i know the cupcakes didn't turn out as you would have liked but did you enjoy making it?

last exam tomorrow. then its mochi time!


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Cheer up! :D
I like your blog alot! =) All those yummy food inspired me to try cooking too!

~ Life is a gift, Live it, Enjoy it, Celebrate it, And fulfill it. ~

Anonymous said...

hey cheer up..guess i know how you feel..cos i'm feeling down too. =( but dun give yourself too much stress alright? be it results of exams or your baked stuff (though i think it's difficult)..

Su-Yin -Décorateur said...

yen.: could just be that..I'm more suspicious of the number of eggs though...3 eggs seem like a heap load :S LOL

pinky: *hug*

jp: You're so LUCKY!! haha my last paper is on friday...sigh* I CANT WAIT to to melbourne...PARTEEhhh~

kid: thanks so much kid ;) I'm so happy my work inspires..*sigh* its a pleasure to know. XOXO

jiahui: aww..its so nice to get sweet msges from readers when i feel "emo" haha..XOXO means alot. I hope things get better for you too...We shant mop too long in our sorrow..haha I've been all cheery the past couple of days despite the exams closing in. I hope you find something to cheer u up soon enough~

Lex said...

I dunno why.. bnut lately, all my baking has been turning out bad :(

Anonymous said...

sorry tat u were feeling blue... hope u r feel much better now! :)
baking is therapeutic for me too, but i do agree tat the outcome determines if it did help or make it worse! ;)
anyway, u really r a very talented young lady, so dun let a couple of glitches get u believing otherwise.
it is really enjoyable to read abt ur cooking escapades & ur entertaining commentaries... looking forward to more!! :D

Simonne said...

I got this book as well "cupckaes Galore" I bake Yogurt Cupcake and it doesn't turn well fr me either. Yupe the cake is dense.
I think
1) too much flour
2) too much eggs.

some how i think something really wrong with Her recipes