November 27, 2006

I spent the weekend in Melbourne

I've finally recuperated. The 3 full days and nights of full-on activity has got me completely worn out ............and the party has yet to settle down! We've been up and about from sunrise to sunset; leaving small 2 hour periods in between strenuous activities for quick cat-naps. From clubs to shopping arcades, funky streets to delicious food. "Yan" from Melbourne has followed us back here to replicate our Melbourne escapades in Sydney till Friday this week~ *sigh* the hours of sleep kids sacrifice just for some fun. We do it...because we can *wink* and because it's such a challenge to keep that energy going.
I headed straight for melbourne after my exams on Friday and my blog hasn't exactly been the first thing on my mind these days. I have a couple of cookie recipes and dinner meals to post up recipes of...and will probably work with those tonight before I hit the sheets. Bare with me... *cheeky grin*


Anonymous said...

Great pics Suyin, I'm actually heading down to Melbourne this weekend for my birthday.
Can't wait!!!

kid said...

if u do visit melbourne again, visit crown's casino and try greco cafe's strawberry cheesecake! i think it's one of the best i've had! :D

Anonymous said...

Yan makin kurussss!! Yin makin cunnnn!! crapppppp!!! i miss you girls!!!!

Su-Yin said...

jenjen: thanks! was great to meet u the other day. Was so excited all weekend LOL

kid: hmmm....will definitely do that during my next trip there

neem: miss u toooooooo :) Yan just left for melb today :'(