November 18, 2006

HappY Belated Birthday Fais-y~

I'm not sure if you frequent this "lil blogspot" of mine..but here's a BIG BIg *HUG* from me for your awesome-ness! Haha It's been a pleasure getting to know you through the many years of Uni...I used to shy-away a tad bit from you as your sneaky charm and suave ways with the class seemed a little daunting~ Well...getting to know Fais a little better has probably changed most of my inaccurate perceptions of this amazingly wonderful and cheeky bastard....*whoopz~* this would probably the first time I've used an "inappropriate" term in my blog entry *grin*
*This very sweet guy helped me study for my exam on his BIRTHDAY!*
His strong and unique personality overwhelms many, but I feel; to hell with the rest of them who can't appreciate a little dark humor and upright sincerity sometimes.

Fais; ...your cheeky (corny) jokes really do crack me up! I laugh so hard when you're around...and I'm happy that I've finally came to feel comfortable hanging around you. We should really make that "Yumcha" session soon before I leave for home. Set a date with your beautiful girlfriend and tell me when! I'm all set to go *grin* always XOXO
I rocked up to the Uni library with laura where Fais was "studying" ;) with a "FuLL-oN BLinG* 4 aces Poker BirthDAY Cake~" LOL. It was a blueberry cheesecake. Blueberries have been in season for awhile now..and they taste absolutely divine with the rich cheesecake smothered in Lindt white chocolate ganache. The weather was extremely windy and I decided to strike off the candle-blowing tradition; we were too interested in wiping the plate clean....which didn't take us too long to do. *smacks lips* :P


joey said...

ooOooo... so yummmy looking and so pretty too!!!

thanks for the tip about the the cellophane wrappers. =)

the yUmMie dUmMieS said...

Omg! That's a fabulous cake! Your cake designs never cease to amaze me. good one!

Su-Yin said...

joey: Thanks :) All the best with your cellophane hunting ;) hehe

the yummie dummies: :) haha *takes a humble bow* *blush*

sher said...

just found your site and LOVE it! i would ask you to make a cake like this for my husband's birthday, but i don't think it would survive the trip around the world :(

but, just wondering -- if you wouldn't mind sharing -- how did you make the cards?

thanks so much, and keep on cooking!

Su-Yin -D├ęcorateur said...

heya... :) thnks for your kind comments. The cards are made from flower gumpaste. Refer to my post on fondant for more information. I painted the designs on with a edible food colouring :) hope taht helps!