October 12, 2006

A new gadget to toy with

I took Alma's advice to hunt for an Ice-cream maker during my last attempt at kitchen "science". *laughs* I didn't exactly intend to make a full bowl of ice-cream with my Thermodynamics experiment but it was just interesting to logically work out how ice-cream is formed from a basic custard mixture.I was delighted to discover a huge sale at the Myers "kitchen-appliance" department while browsing around for cheap silicone bakeware. I flipped the Ice cream maker anxiously trying to find its after-sale price. It was a lot less than I anticipated; and when I read that it made 1L of ice-cream each batch, I couldn't resist! *laughs* $40 wasn't too bad for endless bowls of delicious gelato, creamy ice cream and fruit-laden frozen yogurt for breakfast! The thought got me drooling all the way home.I was finally able to put my past week of extensive ice-cream making research to the test. I scribbled out a basic Mix and Pour custard mixture and threw in a mango or two, set-up my new toy and I was all set to go!
The end product turned out really well. We had more than enough to go around for dessert at dinner. I invited a couple of ice-cream lovers over for a small feast; not forgetting the self-proclaimed "Ice-cream connoisseur" himself of course!
He was silent as he swiftly emptied his bowl of icecream. When asked how it was; he looked up, smiled and replied with an appreciative and satisfied *MmmmMmmmmmmm*

1 cup milk
300ml thickened cream
110 castor sugar
4 egg yolks

2 mangoes sliced into large chunks
1 tbsp castor sugar
Blend 3/4 of the mango slices with sugar in a food processor till pureed.
Beat yolks and castor sugar with a electric mixer till sugar is dissolved and mixture is light, fluffy and creamy. Add in milk and cream, beat for another 2 minutes till well incorporated. Pour into the icecream maker following the instructions on the manual. Add in mango puree at the last 5-10 minutes of churning the ice cream. Scoop out and freeze in a container till ready to be served. I kept 1/4 of the mango slices as an accompaniment to the scoops of ice-cream for delicious fresh fruity bits with every spoon of cold, creamy ice cream.I'm not the biggest fan of frozen desserts but having a generous scoop of ice-cream every now and then does bring back sweet memories of being a kid.


Rahulley said...

hey suyin, what ice-cream maker did you get?
I am looking for one at the moment?
hope you can help and congrats on the wodnerful blog.

QuaVadis said...

$40 Aussie dollar? I'll stick to Hagen-Daz :P hahahahaha

Mind you, if I do find that machine here in Kuching, I might considering buying it..might is the key word..

na said...

Oh yummy Su-Yin! Next time you come to the Gold Coast we must go shopping together! There is a shopping outlet here called "Harbour Town" http://www.harbourtown.com.au/goldcoast/index.htm
which is a shopping circuit filled with designer cook ware and stores such as "David Jones" where you can buy appliances such as the one you listed for up to 60% off the recommended retail price. You would fall over with the excitement of bargains and need an extra suitcase to lug home your lovlies! <3

Your persistance with Ice-Cream making is gorgeous and I love the photograph with the "Great Australian Mangoes" sticker. Just adorable!


Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

Yum. Today is perfect weather for ice cream too! I've been splurging on mangoes lately--can't wait until the glut arrives just before Christmas.

astrosurge said...

hi suyin,
cool site. admire those skillz! keep up the good work.

Sandy said...

What brand ice cream maker was it? I've been looking for one for ages, and for $40 you can't go wrong. I'll have to rummage around at the Perth sales!

Alma Elizabeth said...

Wah! so cheap.Too bad i already bought an ice cream machine for my sister's birthday from ebay. Should have just gone to Myer's!

Su-Yin said...

Rahulley: Hmm the Maker is called "snowy" and its from Sunbeam
THanks for the kind words :)

quavadis: hmm...haha I cant possibly convert that into RM and expect it to still be "cheap" its just unrealistic to do that LOL

Artizen: WOw! i DIdn't know harbour town ahd appliances tooo...i was there about 5 months ago, spotted many clothes and accesories, i guess it didnt have time to explore everthing! Will definitly give ya a holla when i'm over there again ;)

helen: SIgh* if only i was here in Dec...I heard the mangoes are the best during that season; I'm always back in Msia :(

astrosurge : aww..thanks for dropping by with such compliments :)! I really appreciate them

sandy: Its from Sunbeam sandy, haha it was about 43.50 i think...around that price after discount LOL

alma: haha I dont trust ebay :P ...it's just too "questionable" for comfort :P

hobart said...

mmm mm mmm...mango ice cream...drool...serve it to me with some butterscotch ice cream as well and i'll practically do anything for it :P

Brilynn said...

That's a great toy to acquire! And mango is an excellent choice for your first testing.

mom said...

yin try this ice cream.no need ice cream machine.
4 large eggs
4 ozs of castor sugar
1/2 pkt of whipping cream (double cream if you are using fruits)
1. separate egg yolk from white
2.whisk the egg white and slowly add in the sugar until fluffy.
3.add in the slightly beaten egg yolk and cream.
4.add flavour and fruits
5.put into a container and freeze.

*try coffee flavour with nuts and raisin .yummy

WhItE_PoPlAr said...

Su-yin, I have read your blog for sometimes. Love your ideas.

Talking about ice cream maker, I bought one during a winter sale. And it has been in my closet still... Gonna try to make some ice cream soon. Perhaps Green Tea one to start with? :)

Anonymous said...

an ice cream maker is the next thing on my wish list. Maybe Christmas!

sspaks said...

hi Su-Yin, ur mango ice cream looks so great and tempting tht i went to Myers to buy the Snowy Ice cream maker the next day!! However, according to the ice cream recipes in the ice cream maker manual, after its finished churning - the ice cream is ready to eat. But i found tht its not too firm n have to freeze in a container for 2 hrs b4 it can be scooped out. The texture is also more like a gelato, thicker - not so light n fluffy like normal ice cream. Did u find ur ice cream this way, too?

Su-Yin said...

sspaks: hmm..no..I didn't get that problem...I didnt follow the recipes on the booklet..I kinda made some on my own. I didn't like the proportions from the book; so i couldn't tell you what went wrong with yours...I was really impatient with my icecream and froze the churned icecream a little earlier than suggested; took it out and it was already scoop-able...It could possibly be the freezing time of the cooler flask. *shrug* im no expert...anyone else wanna help out with this one? LOL

Anonymous said...

Loved you reciepe!
I keep my icecream maker bowl in the freezer ALL the time when not in use so it is ready to use and cuts the freeze time in half!
It makes yummy icream with pureed or whole raspberries and chocolate chips!
For Christmas we add fruit mince that has been soaked in brandy!
Icecreame Christmas pudding - just right for an Aussie Queensland Chrissy!