September 20, 2006

She's back!

Yells out loud,"Anyone missed my baking? "...
*looks up at 10 hands raised* Hehehe *grin*
I apologize for the absence of my cheerful, sweet and happy posts lately. I guess the personal emotions affect my food and cooking moods too often. LOL
Well, after the many many boring books I have read and hours of staring at Ms word; I took 40 mins off from typing to get my sore keyboard fingers a change of activity. I deserve a says many thoughtful friends online who have dropped me messages to make sure I was alright. *hugs*I've tried my best to hop back into my daily routine of uni work, gym, baking and blogging despite being restricted to my few hours to spare in a day. I hope this gets me back on track.
I have 2 special people to thank for this extremely delicious dessert entry.
Shaun: For the awesome birthday gift (The Silver Spoon) It's a HUGE collection of timeless authentic Italian recipes. I've ogled this book forever...never went ahead with the purchase after careful consideration of the many cookbooks I have not thoroughly gone through in my shelf.

Steve: For sparking my cravings for something delicate, cute, fluffy, soft, sweet and souffle-ey! *grrr* I will have my revenge!!!...haha. *hugs* thanks for the smiles. I appreciate it.
Souffles are often classified as tests of culinary skill. I'm not sure how good my skill is now...but from how the souffle tasted this afternoon, I've got a feeling I have FinE-AsS skill. hehe... *whispers to self*...shhh... modesty is a virtue *blush*

Blueberry + White Chocolate Souffle

(recipe: adapted from careful analysis of several souffle recipes in The Silver Spoon)
40g sugar
200 milk
2 tsp plain flour
1 tsp butter
3 eggs separated

1 egg white
100g's plain white chocolate melted
1 pinch salt
1 cup fresh blueberries

Heat 1/2 the milk and sugar in a mini saucepan till hot and bubbly. Remove from the stove, add the plain flour and whisk to combine. Top up with the rest of the cold milk and the salt. Sit the saucepan on low heat for another 1-2 minutes. Stirring constantly. As soon as it begins to boil, remove from stove and allow to cool for 1 minute. Add in melted chocolate. Stir in egg yolks one at a time and swirl in the butter. Whisk egg whites in a clean metal bowl till stiff peaks form. Add the blueberries into the saucepan mixture and carefully fold in the beaten egg whites in 4 batches. *this here determines how spongy and structured your souffle will turn out*
Spoon mixture into 6 ramekins till 2/3 full and bake in preheted 180 degree oven for 25 minutes. I used large 1 cup capacity ramekins for mine..and didn't manage to fill them up enough. Try using smaller ones for a nicer high-puffed effect.Serve immediately!
*tip: NEVer NEVerrr attempt to open the oven door while souflles are baking. The draft from the outside sinks them in the center.
I topped mine with extra choc bits, fresh berries and smears of blueberry jam...mMmmM...dang it! I should have made more! haha *greedy*


cyan said...

Hi Suyin...This look yummy! I just got my first-ever set of ramekins and think I'll "christen" them with this souffle recipe! :D

michie said...

Hey! Your blog is incredible! It has to be one of my fav blogs now! Hehehehe~ Gonna bookmak you! Thanks for sharing so generously with everyone!

Su-Yin said...

cyan : good idea! hahaha...would love to know how it turned out :P

michie: haha thanks *blushlbush*...heehee....Im so happy you enjoy reading bout my adventures in the kitchen

Su-Yin said...

OMG ITS YOU!@@@!!!! michie= my idol...
*gets excited*
lmfao....sari party girl..sigh* my long lost inspiration. Teehee...soo happy to have found your new link! I love your work <3